Tuesday, May 31, 2011

what's left from latest singapore trip

As you can read from the title, yeah these are what I got during my quick 4 days trip to Singapore at the beginning of May 2011.. and no, I did not over spend my money... good thing, yea?? :D


from SEPHORA: MAC lipstick and Body Wash gel

accessories from Universal Studios Singapore

those 2 pictures did cost me extra bucks but really worth the quality :)

and yeah, who doesn't love HERSHEY's??? :D

I always knew I am destined for this award ;) yeah someday!!!

I enjoy drinking as long as it is still in the normal range. I don't want to stick to just red or white wine or chardonnay or cabernet sauvignon only so yeah, I got another addition at the duty free which was 2009 De Magnol's Bordeaux specialize for drinking only.. and yeah, it has flavors :)

I am planning to open this 2009 Fleur du Cap red wine before my departure to my future destination. 2 or 3 days before departure, farewell gathering at my house..:)

so, how's the month of May for you? is it good?? we're entering June in matter of seconds or minutes or even...now?? for me, it gave me quite melancholy feeling, emotions here and there, sadness, happiness, and the list continues...

God bless us all :)

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