Wednesday, December 29, 2010

between denim blue and grey

not so far from denim blue and gray colors for me. not that I'm lazy or what, its just been very tiring for me to dress up ^o^

shirt - MuJi, scarf - Zara, blazer - Zara, short denim pants - Zara, tights - Zara, sneakers - Keds

shirt - MuJi, sweater - Zara, short denim pants - Zara, tights - Topshop, kitten heels - Pedder Red, necklace - Forever 21

1st: blouse - Zara, blazer - Zara, high waist pants - Topshop, tights - Zara, flats - Topshop, necklace - Forever 21

2nd: shirt - Bershka, blazer - Zara, jeans - Marks & Spencer, belt - unbranded, sneakers - Keds, necklace - The Catwalk, bag - Aldo

anyway, I've been blogging like crap. LOL. seriously, I'm so not in the mood to blog or write anymore. help needed! :P

and yes, I am extremely EXHAUSTED!! JUST CAME BACK FROM SINGAPORE!!! =)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

another addition

another addition. I am not a compulsive shopper, though. :D

black with white dots and flower patterned tights from Zara. God I love Zara tights. they're all so damn comfortable and flexible to all kinds of body type. can never get enough of 'em :P

premium baggy fit jeans, also from Zara. this is much more expensive than usual jeans sold by Zara and the TRF label, mainly because of the neat stitching and excellent fabric.

another love at first sight. wool skirt from GAP :)

I don't have much collection of khaki's color but this one definitely another love struck. LOL. from Topshop.

needless to say, I am 'picky' when it comes to buying flat shoes or high heels or wedges. I found it amazing that one of the new arrival from The Little Things She Needs fits my feet perfectly without any blisters. and with $20ish price, who could even resist? ^_^ mom also got one for her.

I believe this one resembles moccasins type shoes. it is black suede in terms of color and fabric. they have another sparky colors like light green, light brown, maroon red, etc but I never really fancy on those colors :P

another best bargain. $12 top at Kamiseta. I love this color. being able to purchase something I favored and like with good price is indeed something wonderful. :) 

anyway, have a great weekend, guys! GBU :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

let's rock and roll

let's rock and roll, baby...:D

            outfit: top - Pull n Bear, studded leather jacket - Topshop, short denim - Cotton On, necklace - Forever 21, black tights - Zara, ankle boots - Rotelli, bag - Longchamp Le Pliage LE

                spending my spare time by.. playing chess titans.. LOL I won frequently :D

Have a wonderful weekend, peeps! GBU :)

Monday, November 08, 2010

among my souvenir............

ok, well, here are the stuffs that I got while I had my escapade last week to Singapore. ya, always shop till I drop. lol. relax, I did not use my credit card there (except paying hotel bills of course). all pure Singapore $ cash. that's the beauty of saving lots of cash while you were young [or in my case, after my 1st birthday]. you get to spend anything you like as soon as you're around my age :) --> feeling so old right now :P,

Got those two books at Kino Ngee Ann City with special price. I got two books for the price of $34ish. in Jakarta, I could only get one book with that price, not to mention the 'out of stock' reason yada yada. oh well, need to start reading again a.s.a.p :)

greetings from Sephora. LOL. anyway I spent nearly $300 at Sephora ION for 3 items: Lovely by SJP, Versace and Very Irresistible Givenchy perfumes. the cashier woman told me that I got free $40 voucher that could be used till the end of November. so, later on that night (night before Halloween), I went by MRT again to Orchard and this time I chose to spend my voucher at Ngee Ann City's branch. all products by Sephora. indeed blissfulness! :D (forgot to take the Sephora puff pic, i bought two!)

as for the Elizabeth Arden's STYLE perfume, I bought that 125ML at Changi Airport. quite a bargain consider the price was only $70ish. as far as I remember, that product has not reached Indonesian market (or is it??CMIIW) and with that goody price, there were absolutely no reason not to buy it :)

OK moving on to treats! yep, I shopped on Halloween's day (HAHA!) at Cocoa trees. MAN, both my parents and I were like crazy picking up all those chocolates and sweets. we were like maniac. trust me, those were just a few of samples. we bought lots just like we were moving out of country..LOL

Hmm.. regarding this one. Dad bought me this uber comfy flat from Calvin Klein at Takashimaya. they were having discounts with gifts so my mom and I decided to buy each one for us. the shoes is listed around $270, quite a bargain too. and there's only 2 pieces left for me and my mom's size. how fortunate we were :D

the gifts were amazing as well. passport holder, credit card wallet and key lock. since I already had those (minus the key lock), probably I'm gonna give those to my dad. lol.


That's it for now. have a great day, peeps! GBU!

PS: prayers goes out for the victims of Mentawai and Merapi. I already donated money with my parents through the locals fund raising and my church fund raising. my friend in Jogja also helps the refugee by giving them lots of extra care and foods. they used the money for buying things that are needed such as blankets, mattress, foods, drinks and health utilities. Let us pray for them and for Indonesia. God bless us everyone. Amen.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ae Ao Ae Ao

Ae Ao Ae Ao - that's one of the song sang by Julio Iglesias.. lol

anyway, not in the mood to blog and I came back here again with lots and lots of stuff :P


cute top from MANGO. kinda creepy don't cha think? :D

super comfy flat shoes from HUSH PUPPIES

hahaha... those are very much beach stuff.. beach sarong from BATIK KERIS, swimsuit from SPEEDO, unbranded compact puff, SPF from BANANA BOAT and ultra chic brown wallet from PARIS HILTON's ACCESSORIES n HANDBAGS COLLECTION

so, that's all folks. see you guys later. God bless!

Friday, October 01, 2010

off for a while

I will be in Jogja this weekend for a quick getaway!

resume posting a.s.a.p =)

see ya later ;)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

hey hey hey

Hey all of ya

anyway, I haven't updated my blog in like a month. i know, it has been a month. you guys proly r wondering what have I been doing, rite? well, frankly, i did not do anything hard and stressful except that pretty much tension going on inside the house and it involved my family. mom asked me to help for 'a' while my dad asked another help for 'b' and since my maid was gone for 10 days so I had to make sure the house was clean and organized every single day. that's not an easy thing to do consider living in tropical area means: lots and lots of dust, mopping every day, doing dishes, cleaning bathroom etc etc - the things that are done by the domestic. yeah, I became the help for 10 days.. oh well, it was not unusual for me. I have spent most of my time abroad either living for several months or days without help so basically, this was just another daily routine + some extra things to be taken care. sadly, it also prevented me from getting online with laptop. by the time I finished the work, I did not have enough mood to type or to think..

okay, nuff bout some random chit chat, I just wanna share with you these lovely photos of Carey Mulligan. mostly are her photos at the premiere of Wall Street 2. look at her, so adorable right? you know, if someday Hollywood wanna make a film about Twiggy Lawson's life, then Carey is definitely the perfect actress to portray her. Carey is tall, fit, healthy skinny, blond and has those features that captivating enough. surely it is just my imagination but with lil bit of makeup and touches here and there, hmm, I don't see why she can't become her ;)

I particularly love her facial expression in this shot. quite naive yet stunningly beautiful and sophisticated. and the dress, uh-um, I'd love to have it and pairs with brown heels.

Copyright to FilmMagic from Getty Images ( for all the pics I used here.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

so simple indeed

yep. lately I've been dressing like 'girl-next-door' style. not because i am lack of clothes or something but i am not in the mood to dress up. dunno why, maybe cause i have soooo many stuff inside my closet. yeah i need to rearrange my closet again asap. better give those unfitted clothes to someone in need. never think of garage sale, would love to do it someday tho. as for now, my concern is to help other people first. better give than take. :)

sorry for the 'bad' pic. took it with my blackberry phone. my maid def not a good photographer :P

hairpiece - Topshop, necklace - Forever 21, blazer - Zara, top - X SML, jegging - Marks & Spencer, kitten heels - Pedder Red, bag - Longchamp

I just love the kitten heels. very comfy despite it was made from canvas.

and the hairpiece, so adorable right?

another addition from Zara (again, another quick shopping spree) : sleeveless long white tank and navy blue opaque tights

Hope you are having a great weekend ;)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

clothing, you're mine!

so yesterday was Friday the 13th. for some people, it means bad luck or scary or anything else but for me, it was just ordinary. in fact, i'd rather call it: marvelous..anyway, no outfit post now. been lazy editing and transferring pics from digicam to my laptop. again, just a quick share..

got them last Sunday: stripes top from MuJi and cutaway blazer from Zara

last friday. got them both at Mango. I am so in the mood for their Fall collection. think i'm gonna pay a visit again next week to splurge my cash there..:D

Have a wonderful weekend, people! :)

Thursday, August 05, 2010

what's left from my big day

finally..back with outfit post. nothing fancy actually, been experiencing terrible mood swings lately. nope, not my period, peeps...;)

shirt - (x) sml , cutaway blazer - tailor made, necklace - Forever 21, trouser - Mango, watch - Guess, bag - Longchamp, kitten heels - Pedder Red [hidden]

my birthday lunch's outfit, so freakin 'dull' :P : cardigan - Mango, white tank - MuJi, scarf - Zara, denim pants - Cotton On, belt - mom's vintage, tights - Zara, ankle boots - Rotelli, bag - Longchamp

besides treating my friends for lunch, I bought a straw porkpie/fedora (cmiiw) hat and hair clipper - both from Topshop

ps: have a lovely day, peeps :)

Monday, August 02, 2010

a new start with new age

hello people. last Saturday (July 31st) was my birthday and I just turned twenty **** years (not gonna say numbers here, I am old already ;p) legal? definitely in everything. the happiest moment indeed. I did not make fancy celebration, just a small luncheon with my family and relatives continued with yesterday's birthday lunch with my close friends. hmm, I love serenity :)

outfit post will resume a.s.a.p :)

have a wonderful day, people! God bless :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I feel like dancing..dancing.. outfit post today. just wanna share what I purchased recently ;p

Sunday: 2 shampoo from Kerastase, Marie Claire 'July' edition (yeah rite I was so late in getting that magazine), compact powder from Clinique and Sydney Omarrs' astrology book =)

from my hang out time w/ my high school friend: 3 sleeping attire from La Senza, Cherry Blossom bath and shower gel from The Body Shop, Yanni's Voices and Julio Iglesias' Video collection DVD

ps: have a great day, peeps! ;)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sunny Side Up Sunday

I am tired and sleepy.. I guess I have to add couple more hours of sleeping into my agenda. oh well, when it comes to shopping and sight seeing, I always forgot :P

top - Bershka, trouser - Mango, sandals - Pedder Red, accessories - Forever21 & Fossil

what I purchased: 2 tops from (x) s m l; leopard print scarf and black skinny belt from Zara, foot cover from MUJI, Peony Lip balm from L'occitane


Sunday, July 11, 2010

will be perfect for my birthday surprise

July is definitely the happiest month of all months in the year for me, mainly because my birthday is celebrated in this month and above all, exclude the FIFA hype stuff, summer begins in all parts of the world. Indo is, by far (and forever will be) have summer nearly all year long but too bad due to global warming, even weather forecast can't predict the exact temperature that'll happen the next day or even today...LOL

anyway..I always subscribe to retail stores' newsletter so when I got this 3 announcement from 'em, I was like 'AAARRRGGGHHH'...meaning, I want them so badly...for my birthday will be perfect ya?? ;)

never get a chance to have lace boots. Mom actually have one or two pairs from her youth back then but they were given to someone else cause the size doesn't fit her (even me) anymore :P... one of the collection is from Michael Kors..

moving on to the dress, floral print dresses and bold color definitely rocks summer...from DVF aka Diane von Furstenberg...I mean, who doesn't love her!?! I would save the entire salary or even yearly income just to purchase one or two of her 'genuine' dress. (sorry but no replica for me..I don't like wearing fake stuff..)

last but not least is the Bohemian style called 'The Bohemian Goes West'...need I say more? love the pairing and everything. I always love to dress a bit Bohemian even when I have to go to 'fancy' shopping malls like PI and GI.. I forgot who created this Bohemian look but I'd like to extend my applause to he/she/them who had created this affordable yet stylish look :)

ps: apparently the result of 2 year studying Fashion is not even enough for me..yeah, I am human and I make mistake :)

pictures were taken from Saks Fifth Avenue and Shopbop online newsletter.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Hello July

Finally, July is coming to town. (I meant month of this is supposed to be my month. graduation is on the 23rd and week after that I'm gonna celebrate my birthday. yes, I am getting old each and every day.

Meanwhile, allow me to drool over this leather wedges from Pied a Terre. I took the picture from Glamour UK July edition. price around 150Pounds. Surely this is one hell wedges that'll be perfect for summer sensation! Uh, I want it soo badly!! ---____---

Ok, I think that's enough for today's post. need to catch my sleep as I will be having my hair cut in the afternoon and who knows, bit of snack afterwards and ummm...Netherlands vs Brazil at night!! =)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

artistic or not?

went to Gading area last Saturday and to GI on Sunday..1st was to celebrate my friend's bday cause she treated us for lunch, got bunch of stuffs while on Sunday, hmm, don't see why I need to post tho..nothing fashion related..well only magazines ;p

left to right: Mary Poppins R3 DVD, Charice Pempengco's 'CHARICE' CD, Sex and the city 2 Soundtrack[i know SATC2 stinks but the soundtrack is hell great!]

thank you Kinokuniya PS...definitely made my day with all those discounted 15% books [except magazines]

from Zara: ankle length and long gray leggings...perfect for my fitness routine ;p

I'm no professional painter but I do paint during my spare time..:)

so happy to got these: Gloria Estefan Concert DVD and Mozart's Greatest Hits =)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

rhythm is gonna get you on holiday

yeah yeah yeah...rhythm is gonna get me and you on holiday...:)

white tank - MuJi, denim jumpsuit - Zara, necklace - from Guangzhou, tights - Zara, black canvas kitten - Pedder Red these from Forever accessories...

I love this ring!! and to think it only costs around $5-7ish

new baby from Keds :) love the details!