Thursday, May 18, 2006


It's a perfect miracle to be shown up here...

yeah, what exactly is the perfect miracle anyway, huh? well that's just an expression of someone whose really desperate with his/her life hehehe. anyway, not me thank God. jakarta's weather is extremely hot today i know but there's something melt my mind. what else? bf? yeah, hmm sorry haven't told y'all. his name is **** and he currently lived in ---------. he's very much older than me of course. he's 5' 7'' (hmm not very tall!) and he's working as a $$$$$$$$$$$$. he also plays ooooooo____ooooo during his spare time and he also once recorded a compilation with his friends. gotta buy and hear it. wanna hear it so bad!!! he's so handsome!!! yes i can assure you! but average lah maybe for you! anyway, yes what the title said? tralalalala? okay, yup, i'm happy now. and ***** will come and visit me in ~~~~~ this year!!! awww sweeetttt!!!!!!! and about the exam, well yeah i can do it but sadly i think i didn't do well in my biology... hopefully i get at least 6 or B... hopefully!!!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

finally came back

Hello Guys blogger mania...

hmmm what more can I say to you... I'm getting a bit desperate today. maybe its because I've just passed my first week of mid term exam and must prepared again for my next week mid term. God, I'll probably be dead because of this... erm but I enjoy to cheer up with it... listening to Sarah Brightman and Gregorian really help me!!! :)