Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sing Sing

I am back and hmmph...too tired to I am just gonna write brief explanation and I will let the pictures speak for themselves..:)

prawn hokkien mee

watched Michael Bolton concert at Suntec

inside the MRT's waiting hall

Merlion statue

Sir Raffles, the founder of Singapore

hotel room where I stayed..

anybody want?

cute! from Berschka

Cotton On's eco-green shopping bag

got those two tees for S$20 while the short denim for S$29.95 [Cotton On]

Straight jeans from GAP. S$99

from Pedder Red at Ngee Ann City. was on sale for S$95. great bargain!

That's all peeps!!! TTYL!! God bless =)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Before and After [2]

Another chapter of 'After'...

sorry for bad resolution, well, you do know BB's quality rite? ;p

black n white stripes with big bow blouse - Topshop, magnetic necklace - from China, denim shorts - Zara, black rattan belt - mom's, tights - Marks&Spencer, earrings - Topshop, brown sandals - got them from Japan ;p

loved this necklace as I can create whole different looks just by playing and turning it around :)

a nice earring I got from Topshop with cool sale price. me likey!

got these 2 items and totally happy with them! denim legging from Marks&Spencer, leopard motif scarf from Mango :)

On the other hand...
black canvas kitten heels from Pedder Red...super duper in love!!! and comfy too!!!

from Mu Ji, was on sale and got it for like $13. I think I am addicted to that store! ;p

from MPhosis...too bad it's not on discounted price...oh well

and I love fragrances. that gold eau de parfum is from L'occitane (I forgot the name and too lazy to look onto the box) while the aromatic scents below are from Mu Ji.



Friday, May 14, 2010

Before and After [1]

Before and After I got back from KL - took me ages to posted those stuff..well duh, I'm sort of lazy nowadays :P

Before departed...
blouse - Mango, necklace - Liz Claiborne, high waist denim - Topshop, tights - Zara, boots - Aldo, bag - Longchamp's Le Pliage LE

inner black camisole - Giordano, outer black tunic - Episode (given as gift), belt - Zara, black latex-like legging - Zara, gladiator sandals - Aldo, bag - Longchamp's Le Pliage LE

special bargain from Pedder Red!!! =)

Ok...this one after I got back from to GI's lingerie fitting room!
white loose top - Topshop, necklace - Forever 21, short denim - Zara, knee length socks - Marks & Spencer, sequin sneakers - Pull n Bear

white long tank - Topshop, necklace - The Catwalk, leather jacket - Topshop, denim legging - Promod, 'Mary' black suede shoes - Topshop, bag - Mango

Oh, another guilty pleasure...the main reason why my money easily comes and goes..:P

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I miss KL

Sounds cliche, isn't it? well, even though KL is not my hometown, I kinda missed the scenery and the experience I got during my week stay there. I was there for both leisure and business (ok business here meaning not entirely professional business ;) ). still, malls in KL could not beat malls in Jakarta for sure but I loved the moment where I did not have to worry being rob on the street just because of carrying too many shopping bags..LOL

below are the glimpse of my trip to KL. if you want to read more regarding my trip to KL (and another stories related to travel), do check on my other blog

picture above was taken from my hotel room and on the tourist spot...I loved the last shot which pictured Petronas perfectly in night lights! and I have to agree, Petronas Twin Tower is one of the world's beautiful twin tower!

legend: A) I bought this beautiful bracelet at HK Disneyland 1 year ago. haven't had chance to wear it so I wore it during my trip to KL. B) sorry for the bad quality, I was not a total pro when it comes to taking pic from this distance. C) guess the singer who performed at KLCC plenary hall last April!. D) relaxing on my super comfy sweet sleeper bed. guess the hotel where I stayed too! :)

legend: A) bought at Marks&Spencer Suria KLCC - white top with cute design; long sleeved top adjacent with blue navy outerwear; 2 knee length socks; 3 opaque tights. B) bought this useful books from Kinokuniya Suria KLCC - with uber cool prices and discounts! C) from Topshop Pavilion - blue loose sleeveless top and white top & from Promod Pavilion - denim legging D) from Topshop Pavilion - super comfy Mary suede ribbon flat E) hohoho...knew him already???

blouse, floral legging pants and ethnic handbag - Mango; boots - Aldo; necklace (not shown) - Liz Claiborne

long sleeved top and off white skirt - MuJi; ethnic necklace - The Catwalk; boots - Aldo

little black dress (worn inside) - Forever 21; denim cutaway blazer - Mango; tights - Zara; boots - Aldo

grey turtle neck and grey tights - Zara; necklace - from Guangzhou; high waist jeans - Topshop; boots - Aldo

the joy of spending both leisure and business time was to sat down next to the Koi pond inside the hotel's main lobby :)

well that's all I could share with you guys...have a great day ;)

PS: oh and btw, some of the brands that have names in Jakarta like Marks&Spencer, Topshop, Promod, Calvin Klein, GAP are much cheaper in Kuala Lumpur..of course I do not force you guys to go to KL and leave Jakarta but if you have chance to go to KL for a short trip, do not forget to spend something there! trust me, much more cheaper compare to the ones in Jakarta which (unfortunately) have tons of shopping malls :P