Saturday, February 27, 2010

long weekend

from feb 25 - 28 supposed to be my ultimate long weekend trip to Macau..too bad tho, not every wish will come true as i still have plenty of things to be completed next week (yes i am talking about my future upcoming clothing line joint venture with my classmates) and i still did not understand! cursed you E****p***e!!! o_o

meanwhile, i went to (as usual) Kinokuniya bookstore at Grand Indonesia and bought things there.

The Oprah and People Style and Watch magazines

just for reference tho, grasp knowledge every single day...

wanna buy magazines in cheap price? just look and search inside their big basket that says '70% 0ff'...really-really cheap! I got my Condo Nest traveler and Art Jewelry magazines for just Rp 20.000 ($2) while that DVD&Blu-Ray review for only Rp 10.000 ($1)...mostly they're old issue in 2006, 2007 but I got my DVD one in 2009 :)...CHEAPO...

I don't really enjoy reading gossip magazine but I definitely need to buy this OK magazine as soon as I read the headline...DUH!


I hope this helps me when I'm doing my financial reports later..God please help me...:(

bought this super comfort long sleeve tee at Mu Ji

no need to say, I love ethnic handbag so I don't care if it's bloody cheap or bloody expensive. I got this from Mango (their very new arrival one) for Rp 999.000 ($99). lil bit expensive than usual but whatever! LOL

Marks & Spencer beauty supplies; left to right: Aloe Vera foam bath - Waterlily foam bath - Waterlily body lotion

Overall, pretty happy :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

I need a break please!

Yes, this few days I had been both a student and a visual merchandiser. I was sooo freakin tired and I didn't understand why there's such a subject by the name of 'visual presentation'.. i'm telling you, fashion maybe glamorous and exciting but once you're into the world itself, your parents would be the first to hear you complain: 'I HATE FASHION SCHOOL!'.. no kidding ok!

meanwhile, I accompanied my mom yesterday to Plaza Indonesia to retrieve the hand bag she'd been drooling for months. for me, sounds bit cliche since she's a decent woman who could always get whatever she wants (yes, no lebay thingy here). i'm not saying that she's super rich but at least she could afford designer handbags even buying Hermes' Birkin if she wants to.. feels so great you know, such a blessing.

white top - Forever 21, gemstone necklace - Forever 21, short blazer - tailormade, belt - mom's vintage, grey skirt - GG5, snake skin legging - Zara, studded heels - Zara, Longchamp Le pliage limited edition handbag.

again, say no more, every time I enter Zara, at least I have to buy something. and I got: 2 tights in grey and brown colors; 1 sailor theme blazer (I dunno what to call those type of blazer, boyfriend blazer?? lol)..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CNY-VD without red and McQueen

Well, I am not that kind of person who still stick to the rules that on Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day I have to wear bright colors like red or pink or fuchsia...I bought my dress and my studded heels at Zara - respectively - Zara always knew what I want..:) I think they should give me discount each

loose sailor theme dress - Zara, necklace - Forever21, black belt - Zara, black tights - Dorothy Perkins, studded heels - Zara, handbag - Longchamp Le Pliage limited edition

super duper comfy heels...not really that comfy but I adjusted easily :) and on SALE tooo ^_^

One more thing, I just watched this for like three times, how I missed McQueen so badly.. He's a genius, innovator, a brilliant man. Rest In Peace..I posted three of McQueen's show...thank you to for posting the videos..:)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feb 14 2010

Just want to extend...

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Xin Nian Quai Le, Wan Shi Ru Yi...may the year of Tiger brings us more prosperity and blessing in life! God bless...

ps: how many hung baos did you collect so far? I got a lot even though it's not as big as previous year (the amount of the hung bao paper itself) but I'm happy and satisfied.

last but not least, Happy Valentine's Day 2010!! spread the love everywhere....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

have some fun at i know i am late

in case i am soo freakin bored, i play polyvore. i used to play looklet but right now it's been sooo confusing with all the assortments..

Find me on Polyvore

Saturday, February 06, 2010

cheerful saturday

So I went to Mal Kelapa Gading this afternoon for lunch at Sushi Tei (yeah I supposedly had quick lunch but :P) with one of my past middle school friend..after lunch, had some shopping at PullnBear and I got this baby for 399.000 ($39) after few times discount and with my perfect size! yay!

since this is still new, i'm gonna use it on Chinese new year maybe i'm gonna pair it with my new Zara top and short denim pants..or perhaps wear it on my long weekend trip later on..the shoes are super comfy...:)

Mom bought this for me at Kamiseta..not gonna use it outdoor tho, just for my sleeping outfit..;)

and btw, this is what i called 'so over spending' every time i stepped into music/video store..:P

left to right: Footloose - Dirty Dancing - Pretty Woman (all soundtrack...back to the oldies!)

got this at Forever 21 yesterday..forgot to take the pic earlier..

and so this i ordered at lunch...jumbo Yakitori...sweet and tender chicken w/ spring onion grilled in teriyaki sauce or somethin..too bad i didn't capture another pic tho as i was too busy eating and all such...^_^

relaxing thursday and friday

so this is what i did on 2 days of my freedom..went to the mall and bought myself things that desperately dying to make me happy..

Santa Buddies DVD region 3 and Nine soundtrack

I didn't buy this.. got it for free, dunno when i'm going to watch this thing tho..

From Topshop: 2 loose tops (on sale, apparently) and 1 heart-patterned black tights..