Saturday, July 30, 2011

it is hot as hell for sure!

these pictures were the proof of how NYC's weather last week was such an asshole..pardon my language but yeah..who could bear the above 100 degrees Fahrenheit??? even feels like 105-106!!! Jesus! :(

outfit = outer wear - X, S M L ; blue tank - Zara, necklace - Forever 21, denim short - Zara, belt - unbranded, flats - Topshop, bottled water - Poland Spring :P

Ok, probably Poland Spring should hire me as their model next time they're doing some ad commercial..LOL...

have a safe week, everyone! GBU :)

I will be fast here.. just sharing...

Just shared what I got for me and me mom last Sunday shopping spree...:)

Classic Riva Ballet from Tory Burch... I LOVED IT!

this Repetto flat.. is for me mom it is expensive of course but I am happy she got the comfiest flat ever for her..:D

thank you BLOOMINGDALE'S =)

and those are what I got from Forever 21 and GAP...

so, how's your week so far, peeps??? Good or bad? mine was pretty lame actually.. with the heat and everything..ugh...Have a blessed weekend, peeps! GBU!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Urban Classy

I was bored with some of my clothing that I brought from home so I decided to dress with maxi length dress..I got this one from Urban Outfitters and me liked it a lot! there was a woman on the subway even told me I was so pretty several made me blushed a bit..:P

outfit = dress - Urban Outfitters, necklace - Forever 21, heels - Pedder Red

okay, I am so looking like a pregnant lady here..LOL

so how's your weekend, guys? NYC is still HOT as always! 100 degrees yesterday! Jesus :(

Friday, July 22, 2011

blazer and shorts

New York is so f**cking hot these days.. I used to enjoy summer but now I am just hating it.. so I am stuck in shorts and blazer all the time.. :P (I could always throw the blazer away for this but oh well, I still have to rock the street, right? :D)

outfit = hair band - unbranded, sunglass - Fossil, blazer - H&M, shirt - Roxy, denim short - Zara, belt - vintage, necklace - Forever 21, flat - Topshop

at Madison square park.. it is smaller compare to the other park but somehow much more comfy.. :)

outfit = blazer - H&M, shirt - Topshop, denim short - Zara, necklace - Moselle, flat shoes - Topshop, bag - Longchamp

I always think that we should take risks and struggle in order to reach our goals...well, that's what I am doing now here in this concrete city.. there are times when I said :enough of this s**t, I wanna shop all day long and don't give a damn about degree.. but then again, I realized, it was just my stupid alter ego who thought about that. I should be able to stand up and tell the class that I am not an ordinary woman.. but I am an extra ordinary woman :)

God bless ;)

Friday, July 15, 2011

love the hype but not the subway.. I have said, I enjoy New York City.. I like living in this hectic city...BUT... I do not like the subway! enough said..took me an hour even an hour and a half sometimes from home to Manhattan...aaaaaahhhhh I can't wait till I move to Manhattan!!! :P

bowler hat - H&M, necklace - Forever 21, top - Zara, skirt - Zara, tights - Zara, shoes - Marks & Spencer, bag - Longchamp

bowler hat - H&M, top - Stradivarius, necklace - Moselle, skirt - Zara, tights - Zara, bag - Longchamp, laptop bag - Marc Jacobs, shoes - Topshop

and you guys doing?? I miss Singapore's MRT...LOL...God bless ya!

Friday, July 08, 2011

my first outfit post in NYC :) very first outfit post in New York City! YAY!!!

sorry for the dull just got back home from Union Square area and was so exhausted!

bowler hat - H&M, blazer - H&M, red shirt - Stradivarius, skirt - Topshop, necklace - Forever 21, heels - Pedder Red

I hope you guys have a very great Thursday! God bless ya! :)

Saturday, July 02, 2011

hello from 2nd floor :)

Hello hello dear readers!

I am now in one of the fashion capital city in the world!

Super yayness..

No outfit post for now, just info only but will resume sometimes soon..

And yes, NYC is always busy.. Reminds of Jakarta a bit but with slightly better aroma..

See ya later ;)