Friday, July 22, 2011

blazer and shorts

New York is so f**cking hot these days.. I used to enjoy summer but now I am just hating it.. so I am stuck in shorts and blazer all the time.. :P (I could always throw the blazer away for this but oh well, I still have to rock the street, right? :D)

outfit = hair band - unbranded, sunglass - Fossil, blazer - H&M, shirt - Roxy, denim short - Zara, belt - vintage, necklace - Forever 21, flat - Topshop

at Madison square park.. it is smaller compare to the other park but somehow much more comfy.. :)

outfit = blazer - H&M, shirt - Topshop, denim short - Zara, necklace - Moselle, flat shoes - Topshop, bag - Longchamp

I always think that we should take risks and struggle in order to reach our goals...well, that's what I am doing now here in this concrete city.. there are times when I said :enough of this s**t, I wanna shop all day long and don't give a damn about degree.. but then again, I realized, it was just my stupid alter ego who thought about that. I should be able to stand up and tell the class that I am not an ordinary woman.. but I am an extra ordinary woman :)

God bless ;)

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