Thursday, March 31, 2011

spring is here and i am off to BALI !!!!

yes dear reader, Spring season is OFFICIALLY started now... =) time for us to put on bright and lovely pattern dress, blazer, legging, shorts, etc... time to ROCK ON!!! ;)

one of the clog heels that I loved.. from Zara.. me bought like 2 years ago or so but still good and strong enough to hold me body and legs :D

outfits: flower motif dress - tailor made by Mom ; necklace - thrift store at Jl Surabaya ; brown rattan belt - vintage's own ; tights - Zara ; watch - Casio ; clog strap heels - Zara

and by the way...

I am..

Off to..


will be back next Sunday evening! see ya guys later! have a nice weekend, y'all! God bless =)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ecstatic, just ecstatic

right now..yea its about 4.08 PM according to blogger time :P but the show must go on, I mean blogging must go became a nocturnal person once again but no matter, as long as it is getting up late with J :) ooopppsss...:P

sharing what I got for the past one or two weeks..don't worry, they're all still in friendly budget, except for the dress probably :D

from Oasis at Seibu department store.. what a nice and beautiful, lovely, sweet, chic polka dot cannot wait to wear it at one of my special occasion..hmm farewell party or cocktail with my girlfriends perhaps? :)

mom and I bought this super comfy and loose tee from Stradivarius...yeah we're twins!! :P

I am an addict when it comes to blazer. me don't have a nice thin fabric boyfriend blazer (or so) decided to bought this as soon as I laid my eyes onto it.. from Stradivarius ;)

got this denim jacket at Bershka..yes I do not own any denim jacket and boy, how happy I was yesterday when I found a nice, comfy, not-so-expensive one =) =) =)


the necklace above me was from Aldo.. me like the emblems attached on the necklace.. kinda feels like royalty ;)

me got this super ethnic necklace for FREE!!! yes! GRATIS!! how? apparently discounts at X, S M L store applied also to accessories section and since they're having Buy 1 Get 1 free system, so why not get the necklace too?? :) and yeah its 119.000 Rupiah, 10.000 cheaper than my next ring so YAY!!!

what a unique, beautiful ring... its 129.000 Rupiah ($15) and slightly a bit expensive than the necklace above so I only paid for this one.. what a great Buy 1 Get 1 rule! :) also from X, SML

me do not have wool cloche hat (oh yea, I am so addicted to hats right now just loved hats) so when I found that Bershka has it, well, without any second thought, grabbed, paid and it's mine!!! =)

enjoy your weekdays, guys! God bless! :)

what kisser am I

turns out that I am a.... :)

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what's yours??? ;)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

boho ethnic as well as classy

now I am back with another posting. lol you guys must be thinking I am sort of crazy with 2 posts in a day..:P yeah now i am in a mood to blog again :)

speaking of the title above..boho ethnic..I tried this one after i saw a page in a magazine called SHOP which i bought a month ago..loving it..except that probably i should find better shirt and better earring to accompany the I creative or what?? :)

outfit = earring - Body n Soul, scarf - Mango, shirt - Zara, cross necklace - Forever 21, short denim - Zara, tights - Zara, brown boots - bought in Hong Kong, Aerosoles if Im not mistaken

funny thing about the boots. they're actually my Mom's but she does not really fit into them, hehe I guess that sizes kinda tricky nowadays, especially for women's shoes..but thanks Mom :)

and speaking about classy as well, I thought i should wear a LBD aka little black dress sometimes to the mall or somewhere for just an alternative way of dressing my own lah..turns out good for me :)

outfit = blazer - Zara, necklace - thrift store aka flea market, LBD - Lalu, belt - vintage, tights - Zara, kitten heels - Pedder Red

so how is your weekend? me is so/so.. everything seems so/so for me these few days..GBU :)

girlie girl and chic

trying a new different style.. girlie girl and chic pardon the lousy face in one of the pic. :P

outfit: trilby hat - Unusual outlet, inner top - Pull n Bear, denim shirt [made tie front] - Topshop, high waist skirt n belt - vera moda from, tights - Zara

time to hibernate..God bless ya! :)

favorite things part two :p

the continuance from previous post..favorite things part two :p

from = nice high waist skirt with attached belt.. makes me feel sooo French :p

from = lovely tie front shirt with such subtle color...Love love love it :)

from Topshop = heart printed belt and denim shirt.. my ultimate current love ;)

from, this time I used expedited shipping..took only 4 days! = The Dark Knight Blu-Ray [BD] on Sale :P and Yanni's latest album Truth of Touch =)

from ZARA = on sale as well..lovely viscose scarf..from $50ish something to $30ish..lalalalala..

Have a nice day, y'all...GBU!! :)

Saturday, March 05, 2011

favorite things part one

hello finally i am able to post something again. this time what I got for the recent month. I am not a compulsive shopper so these purchases were like combination of so many days of shopping. that is why i am dividing them into 2 posts. quite lazy to think about the titles so i will stick to 'favorite things' :D

from MUJI: knee length socks, pink marker, hair ties, aromatic candle and small candle holder.

hunting cool movies: Cool Hand Luke and Santa Paws DVD. region 3.

from ZARA: cotton trouser with dark color. my current favorite item :)

from X, SML : short cotton pants. its quite comfy and very appropriate for spring time ;)

magazine and book never gonna be a boredom for me. I found nice Aussie magazine called SHOP which I later found very useful for daily mix and match. second book is Gourmet Jakarta. basically it is nothing to read cause just talks about 2010 best restaurants but for culinary freak like me, duh, it is beyond important :P

another love from X, SML: beautiful absolutely beautiful turtle ring..fall in love on first sight ;)