Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ecstatic, just ecstatic

right now..yea its about 4.08 PM according to blogger time :P but the show must go on, I mean blogging must go on..lol..me became a nocturnal person once again but no matter, as long as it is getting up late with J :) ooopppsss...:P

sharing what I got for the past one or two weeks..don't worry, they're all still in friendly budget, except for the dress probably :D

from Oasis at Seibu department store.. what a nice and beautiful, lovely, sweet, chic polka dot dress..me cannot wait to wear it at one of my special occasion..hmm farewell party or cocktail with my girlfriends perhaps? :)

mom and I bought this super comfy and loose tee from Stradivarius...yeah we're twins!! :P

I am an addict when it comes to blazer. me don't have a nice thin fabric boyfriend blazer (or so) decided to bought this as soon as I laid my eyes onto it.. from Stradivarius ;)

got this denim jacket at Bershka..yes I do not own any denim jacket and boy, how happy I was yesterday when I found a nice, comfy, not-so-expensive one =) =) =)


the necklace above me was from Aldo.. me like the emblems attached on the necklace.. kinda feels like royalty ;)

me got this super ethnic necklace for FREE!!! yes! GRATIS!! how? apparently discounts at X, S M L store applied also to accessories section and since they're having Buy 1 Get 1 free system, so why not get the necklace too?? :) and yeah its 119.000 Rupiah, 10.000 cheaper than my next ring so YAY!!!

what a unique, beautiful ring... its 129.000 Rupiah ($15) and slightly a bit expensive than the necklace above so I only paid for this one.. what a great Buy 1 Get 1 rule! :) also from X, SML

me do not have wool cloche hat (oh yea, I am so addicted to hats right now just loved hats) so when I found that Bershka has it, well, without any second thought, grabbed, paid and it's mine!!! =)

enjoy your weekdays, guys! God bless! :)

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