Saturday, March 19, 2011

boho ethnic as well as classy

now I am back with another posting. lol you guys must be thinking I am sort of crazy with 2 posts in a day..:P yeah now i am in a mood to blog again :)

speaking of the title above..boho ethnic..I tried this one after i saw a page in a magazine called SHOP which i bought a month ago..loving it..except that probably i should find better shirt and better earring to accompany the I creative or what?? :)

outfit = earring - Body n Soul, scarf - Mango, shirt - Zara, cross necklace - Forever 21, short denim - Zara, tights - Zara, brown boots - bought in Hong Kong, Aerosoles if Im not mistaken

funny thing about the boots. they're actually my Mom's but she does not really fit into them, hehe I guess that sizes kinda tricky nowadays, especially for women's shoes..but thanks Mom :)

and speaking about classy as well, I thought i should wear a LBD aka little black dress sometimes to the mall or somewhere for just an alternative way of dressing my own lah..turns out good for me :)

outfit = blazer - Zara, necklace - thrift store aka flea market, LBD - Lalu, belt - vintage, tights - Zara, kitten heels - Pedder Red

so how is your weekend? me is so/so.. everything seems so/so for me these few days..GBU :)

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