Monday, June 18, 2012

The almost forgotten winter part 5

Hurray!!! :D final post of winter related outfit is here! okay, these pictures were taken during St. Patrick's day. noticed that I did a little bit of experiment with my face and of course the outfit as well! :)

P.S: pardon my non perfect skin condition. I believe I encountered some zits during St. Patrick's day.

I did my own make up so don't expect that it will be as great as magazine model or such.. :D since I have a very sensitive skin (another reason why I rarely put on make up onto my face) so I was just putting on some stuff that I really really need to celebrate St. Pattys :P

eye shadow - Covergirl, blush - Givenchy, mascara - Clinique, nail polish - Spoiled by wet n wild

I did not wear any gloss or lipstick during that day because I was so busy applying those makeup therefore I only put on some natural lip balm from Lancome. the nail polish was a very great bargain consider I got it at local CVS store for just $2ish...:D and also I rarely wear eye liner due to the fact that I already have big eyes.. :P (not that big though but yea...)

dress - Forever 21, head band - H&M, necklace - thrift store, tights - Zara, ring - Forever 21, sneakers - Keds (not shown)

anyway, this is the last post of winter related thingy! can I hear a 'yeayyyy' from all of you??? LOL...

till then, God bless! :)

The almost forgotten winter part 4

Part four - phew... lol, I know you must be so terribly bored already! :D oh well...

hair band - H&M, dress - H&M, necklace - Moselle, ring - H&M, watch - Casio, random bracelets, tights - Zara, flats - Tory Burch

surprised that I wore this during winter? well, like I said earlier, that depends on how cold the weather is outside. winter in NYC is considered 'weird' by some cause it can be super freezing in certain times but it can be springy-like too as well.. if you are a person who think that 59-65F (14-18'C) during winter is pretty awesome then I guess you can dress like what I did in this picture with a touch of light blazer. =)

and, winter related outfit will reach its' final destination on the next post (finally...:D)... next one will be a combination of both outfit and some sort of makeup post..

till then, God bless! :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The almost forgotten winter part 3

Multi-functional. =)

Yes, that is the theme for this post. See anything similar from the four photos shown below?
Almost all the accessories and outfit that I used were the same; hence the word multi functional came by. I love to mix and match, and I think it is important in the fashion world to do so.

outfit: inner sweater - Zara, dress - Zara, belt - Zara, necklace - thrift store, headband - local drugstore, boots - UGG. random bracelets

2nd outfit: peter pan collar sweater - Zara, dress - Zara, belt - Zara, necklace - thrift store, headband - local drugstore, tights - Zara, boots - UGG, coat (shown below) - H&M, random bracelets

how I dressed during winter season. well that depends on how bad the winter, actually. I have another longer coat that I prepare whenever snow storm or freezing below 28F temp starts to hit :P

and yes, another winter related outfit post is still to come... I hope you guys aren't bored or puke.

till then, God bless!:)

Monday, June 11, 2012

The almost forgotten winter part 2

Hello again and welcome to part two of my winter-related outfit posts.. (yeah yeah, I am such a lazy blogger)

It is almost summer in the northern hemisphere (including NYC of course) but I just could not resist not to post those winter outfits cause I promised myself a week ago. Yeap, promises are meant to be fulfilled, don't they? ;)

And to people who live in the southern hemisphere (Southern Africa countries, Australia, New Zealand, and some part of Southern America countries), have an enjoyable winter! =)
outfit : inner - Zara, outer sweater - H&M, coat - H&M, necklace - Moselle, jeans - GAP, boots - UGG

And this three are just another random shots of how I dressed up inside my apartment...

peter pan collar shirt - Zara, necklace - thrifted, jeans - GAP, flat - Tory Burch

school has been so tiring.. oh well... see you on next post!

till then, God bless! ;)