Monday, June 11, 2012

The almost forgotten winter part 2

Hello again and welcome to part two of my winter-related outfit posts.. (yeah yeah, I am such a lazy blogger)

It is almost summer in the northern hemisphere (including NYC of course) but I just could not resist not to post those winter outfits cause I promised myself a week ago. Yeap, promises are meant to be fulfilled, don't they? ;)

And to people who live in the southern hemisphere (Southern Africa countries, Australia, New Zealand, and some part of Southern America countries), have an enjoyable winter! =)
outfit : inner - Zara, outer sweater - H&M, coat - H&M, necklace - Moselle, jeans - GAP, boots - UGG

And this three are just another random shots of how I dressed up inside my apartment...

peter pan collar shirt - Zara, necklace - thrifted, jeans - GAP, flat - Tory Burch

school has been so tiring.. oh well... see you on next post!

till then, God bless! ;)

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