Wednesday, December 23, 2009

out of town from Dec 24

I'm out of town from Dec 24 - Dec 27. will be celebrating Christmas in Surabaya, East Java. Merry Christmas guys :)

Ps: my Hong Kong idea to celebrate Christmas ther was rejected 100% by my parents...:( oh well...

God bless everyone!

the start of Christmas spirit

Okay, so I am soo in the mood for Christmas this year ~ I got lots of cool stuff...this December, no more buying apparels like clothes and accessories but more into CDs..particularly Christmas CDs...and I'm Lovin every single moment of it...Merry Christmas guys ;)

can't tell you how surprised I was to find Air Supply's Christmas album. I just played it couple hours ago and I ENJOYED it! and Bocelli's Christmas album is a Classic Masterpiece!! :)

This one, Kla Project, is an Indonesian band tho but I like their songs very me 'old' but for Indonesian songs, I'd prefer classical hits instead of current's just too cliche...

Meanwhile, I got this as my Christmas present...yay, the black handbag I'd always wanted ever since I put my eyes on it...from's not that expensive ($70) but for me, Christmas present doesn't have to be extravagant or expensive...what matter most is how you give it from your own heart...:)

PS: since I haven't used my credit card for this December then Dad allowed me to use it to buy that knee-length boots from Aldo I'd been drooling like crazy! wow..Christmas miracle..Thank you I don't have to take money from saving..and my monthly income, I will save it for my next year's goal: TRIP TO ISRAEL!!! :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

what's left from November (PART 3)

last but not least...:)

leather jacket from Topshop... not the real 'lamb skin' leather jacket (phew that thing would cost you zillions!) just look-a-like thing...I'd been drooling for this jacket months and months and months before Dad finally bought it for around hmm...$110ish after discount I guess...pretty expensive I know..

a nice hat from Esprit...dunno what to call this kind of hat tho...I bought it for like Rp 199.000 ($19ish)...or hmm..??

black clutch from Miss Selfridge...Rp 399.000 or is it Rp 349.000?? lol...sometimes I didn't remember the prices...just paid

so far, I haven't shop in December that related anything to apparel...mostly CDs and DVDs....

what's left from November (Mango)

continue...from Mango:

Mom bought this short pants for me..kinda cool right? see the pattern...small checkered pattern...price unknown.

as for this one, boy I so in love with these outfits by the time I saw it displayed on the top is darn cute! together with the flowered pattern pants (or should I say 'footless tights' tho)...about the price...forgot but kinda range around $60ish for both outfit..

Monday, December 21, 2009

what's left from November (Forever 21)

Well.. I haven't added these here they are, from Forever 21:

nice knee length dress with modeled zipper...around Rp 349.000 ($34)...quite a bargain since the fabric is nice and light and comfy :)

4 tops...each for just Rp 49.000 ($4.9) so total for Rp 196.000 ($19) damn fact I'm using one of them for my night pajamas. another tops mainly for working out..

and this one, I forgot the price, probably around $22ish... long sleeved buttonless cardigan, grey colored, my favorite!! lol... very comfy too...

another purchases...well...on another section. I did this cause my connection is like SHIT! lol

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Hanukkah!

To all my friends out there, I wish you all a very Happy Hanukkah!!! Let us celebrate this Festival of Lights with high spirit and lots of good thoughts and actions! God bless everyone :)

PS: for a sudden, I want Latkes...:P

Friday, December 11, 2009

This is nice: Changing Room Confessions

Just found this on YouTube....SOOO USEFUL FOR WOMEN!!! :)

There's plenty of this thing..go check

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Presenting "Barbie by Louboutin"

Definitely a lie if we ask women nowadays they keep saying 'no' to what's their biggest passion in life. well, some might say, clothes and clothes but not few actually whose biggest passion and (okay) guilty pleasure is SHOES! yes, not to mention the famous current hippest, Christian Louboutin. you got there, sister! Louboutin exclusively worked together with Mattel and created those 4 super lovely collections. of course not in real human feet but on Barbie's feet. hey, don't get mad, at least you know it's developing. even though it's just Barbie but who knows someday Louboutin will colaborate with lets say, Target or H&M ?? for cheaper price but with the same brand and quality.

Interesting yet sophisticated collectibles! they were produced limited of course so that is why they're having another re-stock I think.. see the 1st picture...makes you drool right? well, who wouldn't anyway!!! :)

they set the price kinda high...around 100 british pounds but for super fascinating yet elegant shoes like Louboutin,hmm, then I guess it is worth every penny!

I WANT ONE!!! lol

(to be continued-there's still 1 or 2 photos I havent had chance to upload)


Saturday, December 05, 2009

hey everyone, Christmas and Hanukkah are near!

As usual, this holiday season, we are soooo close from presents and presents and presents and festives. Me, personally, celebrated this 2 occasions (eventhough i myself am not that Jewish by religion) and I am so guys, it's only matter of weeks and even days! what's your wish lists? I have plenty of course...

right now I'm staying at Hilton Bandung and I was so bored with the condition so I decided to write this down using the lounge's

one of my wish list is: CHRISTMAS IN HONG KONG!!!!!!!!!!! I dunno whether it's gonna happen or not...just have to wait for the approval I guess...:(

I'd been to HK soo many times (3 times to be exact) but I just LOVE the airport! clean, safe, tidy, structured and SHOPPING!

besides going everywhere with cab, you can always use the MTR-subway...convenient, fast, safe, clean and best of all: CHEAPER THAN CAB!

I know I am not a kid anymore but PLEASE...I WANNA TASTE ANOTHER CHANCE RIDING DISNEY'S TRAIN!!! PUHLEASE!!!! =) and I wanna SPEND another day in HK DISNEYLAND!