Thursday, December 10, 2009

Presenting "Barbie by Louboutin"

Definitely a lie if we ask women nowadays they keep saying 'no' to what's their biggest passion in life. well, some might say, clothes and clothes but not few actually whose biggest passion and (okay) guilty pleasure is SHOES! yes, not to mention the famous current hippest, Christian Louboutin. you got there, sister! Louboutin exclusively worked together with Mattel and created those 4 super lovely collections. of course not in real human feet but on Barbie's feet. hey, don't get mad, at least you know it's developing. even though it's just Barbie but who knows someday Louboutin will colaborate with lets say, Target or H&M ?? for cheaper price but with the same brand and quality.

Interesting yet sophisticated collectibles! they were produced limited of course so that is why they're having another re-stock I think.. see the 1st picture...makes you drool right? well, who wouldn't anyway!!! :)

they set the price kinda high...around 100 british pounds but for super fascinating yet elegant shoes like Louboutin,hmm, then I guess it is worth every penny!

I WANT ONE!!! lol

(to be continued-there's still 1 or 2 photos I havent had chance to upload)


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