Tuesday, May 31, 2011

what's left from latest singapore trip

As you can read from the title, yeah these are what I got during my quick 4 days trip to Singapore at the beginning of May 2011.. and no, I did not over spend my money... good thing, yea?? :D


from SEPHORA: MAC lipstick and Body Wash gel

accessories from Universal Studios Singapore

those 2 pictures did cost me extra bucks but really worth the quality :)

and yeah, who doesn't love HERSHEY's??? :D

I always knew I am destined for this award ;) yeah someday!!!

I enjoy drinking as long as it is still in the normal range. I don't want to stick to just red or white wine or chardonnay or cabernet sauvignon only so yeah, I got another addition at the duty free which was 2009 De Magnol's Bordeaux specialize for drinking only.. and yeah, it has flavors :)

I am planning to open this 2009 Fleur du Cap red wine before my departure to my future destination. 2 or 3 days before departure, farewell gathering at my house..:)

so, how's the month of May for you? is it good?? we're entering June in matter of seconds or minutes or even...now?? for me, it gave me quite melancholy feeling, emotions here and there, sadness, happiness, and the list continues...

God bless us all :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a touch of gleek

yeah, as what the title said, a bit inspired from GLEE series that I enjoyed watching whenever I bump onto that series on tv cable.. and one of my favorite (or kinda admire) character inside is Rachel Berry played by Lea Michele. this is my own version then... and yeah, taken at may 1st these pics.. one day before my trip to SG :D

never shown my back before and it kinda makes me addicted a bit :P

outfit = sweater - Pull n Bear, necklace - thrift store jl surabaya, ring - forever 21, watch - Casio, skirt - GG5, tights - Dorothy Perkins, flat - Hush Puppies

so, how Gleek are you by the way? :P ... have a nice weekdays to you.. God bless ;)

PS: J is in his 5 days trip and now I already miss him so badly.. I hope he read this later on.. :(

Friday, May 20, 2011

in love with dory

ok so last april 25th i was sort of alone and didn't have any particular thing to do so i went back to GI mall again (nope, not to watch another statues but just some normal activity) and i was in the mood to wear my skirt again..talk about skirt and kinda preppy look...

I just adore love admire like love this cloche from Bershka.. yeah I have taken myself several pics with this uber cute hat.. you can scroll down the archives yourself.. ;)

outfit = hat - Bershka, top - Mango, necklace - the Catwalk, skirt - GAP, belt - Mango, tights - Zara, shoes - Topshop

I did look super weird in these 2 pics.. LOL

meanwhile, yes, I'm in love with dory..dory..dory the fish... :P especially this one.. Dory fish and chipss... yummmy!

seeeeee yaaa lateerrrrr :D

PS: now I am happy.. so happy..

Saturday, May 14, 2011

sunny easter and my air con was fixed and i saw statues

ok, never mind with that cheesy title.. lol.. and yes last easter i got my air conditioner fixed and i saw statues displayed at GI mall... quite entertaining... =)

i decided to do something a bit different with my scarf :D

and I was pretending to be a flight attendant :P if only I am 5' 5" LOL

my outfit: hat - Bershka, scarf - Zara, necklace - Forever 21, shirt - Bershka, blazer - Zara, trouser - Zara, wedges - Pedder Red

my all time favorite wedges.. too bad, it is broken now.. :( need to repair it I guess..

and yes, another addition to my shoes.. I think its called loafers or so? from Marks & Spencer

meanwhile, I posted three pictures from all of the statues exhibition that I saw at GI... these are just some of those cool statues they showed us.. ;)

above is called Borobudur legend by Nyoman Nuarta

Ranting Kasih (Love's branch) by Wind Wilaksono

and this one, me favored it cause it was so represents Jakarta.. called Arrive on time by Inge Rianto Kotjo

and yeah, bear me with lazy updates..;) God bless you all..

and J, I miss you terribly...:(

Thursday, May 12, 2011

good good Friday indeed

ha, must be wondering and confused, Good Friday had even passed for several weeks already but now just have time managed to post the outfit of it.. :P

what I wore : hat - Unusual outlet Bandung, top - Levi's, necklace - Forever 21, watch - Casio, short denim - Cotton On, tights - Zara, shoes - Little things she needs, bag - River Island

PS: actually during the church service I wore GAP jeans instead of that denim short :P

anyway, been such a lazy blogger nowadays.. don't have any good mood or anything.. and I'm missing someone like crazy .... :(

have a good day y'all.. God bless! =)

glimpse of 2011 inacraft

sorry for the short hiatus. i just came back from short trip and such...

anyway, last April, on April 20th 2011, my mom and I went to INACRAFT 2011.. it is Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair. very large scale. almost all Indonesian provinces participated in that fair that lasted for 5 days. and it was huge! you can find anything unique! with cheap prices too! I only spent like Rp 150.000,- ($15) for so many items, not including Mom's items as well... lots of Asian buyers even from European and American buyers also came to this special event.. let the pictures speak.. :)

the advertorial on one of Indonesia's well known newspaper... the first day alone already packed with enthusiastic buyers! :)

got this lovely ring from one of the stand.. only $5.50

and i also got 5 package of aromatherapy incense for $5.50 as well.. 1 package consists of 20 sticks.. you can imagine lah how cheap they are right :)

this ring, owl ring, also got for like $5.50 ish... from East Borneo stand I think.. same like the blue ring above..

I happened to visit BALI ALUS stand which originated from BALI.. and the brand which I also purchased when i was at GWK Bali, last April.. all eco friendly products.. from fruits and tea.. my mom and I favorites :)

we got all of those with special price of course :) yeah.. I believe it was around $ 15 - 17 for all of them..

and yeah, about my outfit... that day..

hat - Bershka, top - Pull n Bear, necklace - Forever 21, skirt - GAP, tights - Zara, shoes - Topshop, handbag - River island

and boy, I am not in the mood right now to blog so often.. a bit sad..

and J, I miss you so much.. I'm sorry for what I've said to you.. I still want us to be together.. :( :( :( :( :(

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Mad hatter me p2

as I have promised from the previous post.. :)

outfit = hat - Bershka, inner tank - Zara, outer shirt - Topshop, necklace - thrift store, trouser - Zara, bag - Mango, wedges - Pedder Red

you could actually tell from the title I posted here and on the previous post.. Mad hatter.. yeah, I am so addicted to hats now I even wear hat everywhere I go.. and I like to use same accessories or shoes or shirts again and again and again.. ya know, the law of mix and match is definitely useful for us to practice when we are in a tight budget ;)

so, how mad are you with your hat collection?? =)

have a nice weekend, peeps! God bless ya ;)

Mad hatter me p1

for this post and the later, there is a connection.. ;) guess what it is...

outfit = hat - Bershka, inner shirt - Stradivarius, necklace - thrift store, outer shirt - Topshop, denim short - Cotton On, tights - Zara, shoes - Topshop, bag - Mango

stay tune for next post... just gimme couple of minutes for that ;)