Friday, January 18, 2013

Hello 2013

Hello people. How's your 2013 has been? Pardon me for not updating me blog, I was in a coma (ok i am just exaggerating, not a real coma) and decided to just stepped away from blog and such for a while. school papers and assignments were piling up in both my laptop and book like crazy, forcing me to study and work even harder for them. for 2012, the result was great for two quarters while the other recent twos were kinda bumpy. I got C for the first time in a desperately-not-so-important subject however I thank God that I was able to maintain my gpa above 3.00 because grades are still important for me. 

Talking about 2013, I nearly forgot to extend "MERRY CHRISTMAS 2012 and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013" to you guys. Let us begin (or should I say, CONTINUE...DUH :D) this 2013 by becoming much more excited and passionate in every single thing we do. =) 

I will not talk or explain much in this post, however I will share pictures from my Instagram account that I took from July 2012 to January 2013. Instagram has helped me a lot in extending my passion; both traveling and taking photos. So, here you guys. Enjoy the photos and if you want, follow my Instagram at @ladida89. Till then, God bless! ;)

Columbia University, New York. taken in Summer - July 2012.

I spotted a Jeffrey Campbell Lita in Spikes at Urban Outffiters. taken in Fall - September 2012.

I was in the mood for some sun at the beach ;) essential kits that I brought to beach in Long Island, New York. taken in Summer - July 2012.

part of U Penn (University of Pennsylvania). taken in Summer - July 2012.

Vanilla milkshake, fries, and good old cheeseburger at Shake Shack. taken in Summer - July 2012.

Fall season meaning time to enjoy warm dessert like this Nutella Crepe I got at Crepe Cafe in Bryant Park. taken in Fall - November 2012.

Fall also means a season of weirdness. It is supposed to be a bit colder but weather in NYC is always weird. I could hit the road with a shirt, a sweater, and a capri jeans with flats since it was only 15-16c/60F. taken in Fall - Sept/Oct 2012.

What a blessing being able to witnessed the most awaited concert of 2012. Barbra Streisand Live in Brooklyn. so far it was the most expensive concert I have ever attended and I will always cherish it for the rest of my life. taken in Fall - October 2012.

living in NYC meaning having a chance to experience something that only occurs once in a lifetime. like this exhibition made by Tatsu Nizhi with the Christopher Columbus' statue located at Columbus Circle, West 59th st. taken in Fall - November 2012.

surprisingly this H&M leather flats is pretty comfy! taken in Fall - September 2012.

I was on holiday for a while and this view was taken from my seat inside Emirates Boeing 777-300. taken in Winter - December 2012.

Had this at Sushi Tei Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tobiko sushi is always a must to bite on for me. LOL. taken in December 2012.

tropical fruits. cheap and yummy. at Petaling Streets market, KL, Malaysia. taken in December 2012.

I paid a visit to this capital of New York state. a small city called Albany with its amazing winter weather and architecture. taken in Winter - January 2013.

 PS: all fifteen pictures that I posted here were taken by me with my iPhone camera and were uploaded into my @ladida89 Instagram account. all pictures are copyright of me and if you want to use it for public blog or any content on the web, please contact me first on the comment or re-link the picture onto this blog site. Thank you and have a wonderful day!