Monday, January 10, 2011

ready for you, blue

not much thing I did during the first week of 2011 mainly because I was ill and cold for several days but fortunately, I am hundred percent OK now..Thank God :)

SALE is still going strong at several stores like Zara, Mango, PullnBear, Topshop, Forever21, Massimo Dutti, Banana Republic, GAP, Next, etc but not much great selection as well. I only bought like 3 tops from Mango [no pic shown], Body Shop's Moroccan Rose's shower gel and eau de toilette and these as well...

from left to right: long sleeve sweater from Pull n Bear, basic brown tank from Zara, tartan motif scarf from Pull n Bear

outfit: stripes shirt - Topshop, skirt - GAP, tights - Zara, black flat - Calvin Klein, necklace - Forever 21, bag - River Island

PS: lol I look like a school girl again with this kind of outfit :P


anyway, have a nice Monday everyone! GBU :)

Monday, January 03, 2011

[belated] Merry Christmas 2010 Happy new year 2011

Ok, so I was back again from Singapore last week, I celebrated my Christmas there. phew, lots of people mingled on the street and flocked the busiest road in Sing, what else than Orchard Road. lol. anyway I stayed at Clarke Quay area (thank goodness this one was out of the crowds) but again, you can't stop the rhythm of Clarke Quay's most famous pubs and bars. they were playing fast music till midnight or even dawn, made my sleeping quality turned into zero percent. yeah I am not bragging about that. Christmas should be celebrated in happiest yet silenced way but they changed the concept into somewhat ecstatic and hyperbole. Oh well, lots of complaints from me won't even change the condition. anyway, here are most of the things I got for Christmas.

beautiful white see through net outer wear from LALU.

another beautiful find. little black dress with lace trim on the below. also from LALU.

got this one for 50 percent discount at Takashimaya. yes, its Tommy Hilfiger's polo shirt

from River Island. a beautiful messenger bag instantly love at first sight :D

another discounted item at Takashimaya. small black wallet from Pierre Cardin.

I've been drooling for this watch ever since I saw it on the internet like months ago and I finally got it! super yayness. bought at Casio ION.

and don't forget, lots and lots of chocolates!! :D