Saturday, December 17, 2011

Surprise Surprise =)

Probably it is true with the proverb some said. What was meant to be for us it will happen to us or we will get what we wish for no matter how long the time we have to wait. And to end the conclusion...

Surprise Surprise... after God-knows sooo many months or probably years of saving, deep discussion with other experts, and much consideration; I bought my very first D-SLR camera...=)

the best Christmas purchase ever... Canon EOS Rebel T2i or 550 D with Lens Kit

I had been snapping some test pictures with it and the results were amazing. I even lowered the mega-pixel to 8 Mega-pixel and still it did not disappoint. ;) as a photography enthusiast, I definitely will save money for other variant of lenses. 

speaking of gifts, I got a $20 voucher from Shoe Buy which I used to purchase this beautiful Keds shoes! Thank you Shoe Buy and Keds! best Christmas miracle indeed =)

And ooh I also got free 20 pages of Photo Book from Shutterfly! because of my contribution on Trip Advisor site! Thank God :)

Tomorrow night, I will go for a 2 weeks holiday in Jakarta. Can't believe I am going back home again. Flight departs at 8 PM ET sharp. so... 

Merry Christmas 2011 and Happy New Year 2012 in advance! =) GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

It's the most wonderful time of the year... dum dum dum...

Christmas is just 8 more days and New Yorkers are excited already with exchanging gifts, the joyful Christmas tunes they listen and hum around town.. ah what a splendid holiday season ever... yet we must not forget that Christmas is the moment to rejoice Jesus' birth not just gifts and mistletoe and holly and decorations. I always thank God each minute each second every time I go anywhere even to the grocery store nearby my apartment for the blessings I received since the day I was born. HE never puts me down =)

Anyway...talking about outfit... I wore triple layers for Christmas celebration last December 3rd 2011 held at a church somewhere in New York. Those colors may seem 'dull' but I just loved to wore stuff that was truly outside my box.. haha talk about business' vocabulary..:P

outfit : hat - H&M, black turtleneck - Worthington, loose outerwear - H&M, badge - church donation, necklace - Moselle, skirt - Topshop, black faux fur legging - JC Penney, gray tights - Zara, flat - Tory Burch

PS: not really that fun when the weather hit somewhere 30-36 F at night.. lol

God bless -)

Friday, December 16, 2011

The belated Thanksgiving post

Ok I know it is so lame that Thanksgiving was already over but pardon my laziness due to the fact assignments and projects were like A-hole; not to mention I must maintain 3.00 GPA because I am dying to enter Ivy Leagues School for Postgraduate/Doctorate degree someday.

Alright, enuff of talking nonsense. I suppose pictures speak a lot, right? Thanksgiving 2011 celebrated around 34th St, Church, Black Friday, Long Island...and the story goes...

psst... I think my pink coat has had too much exposure, don't cha ? :)
in front of St.Paul's Episcopal Church, Woodside, NY

for the first time ever, I finally wore my heels after five months of hibernation. :P

shopping at Tanger, Riverhead, NY - 1,5 hours drive from NYC

Tanger has 2 outlets - and they are BIG! LOL 

my simple Black Friday dinner. don't have much option during that day as the restaurants were packed with hungry people so, simple dinner from Deli then :)
from JC. Penney

H&M deals! $5, $10, $ = $30 :)

for those who crave French Patisserie, Canelle might be your best bargain. I liked their Apple Pie and Macarons.

as for this, hmm, 600 cals for dinner?! no but so TASTY!!! YUM! (at Tanger 2 Food court)

Canelle's Chocolate Cake and Macarons. Both of them were delish!

oh yeah, I got this from J. Crew :)

which one do you want? :)

taken during Thanksgiving Day Parade. could not even walk properly or take pictures due to the large number of people. lol

Oh, Canelle Patisserie is located at Jackson Heights, Queens, NY. 

So, how is your Thanksgiving, peeps? God bless! :)