Monday, June 18, 2012

The almost forgotten winter part 4

Part four - phew... lol, I know you must be so terribly bored already! :D oh well...

hair band - H&M, dress - H&M, necklace - Moselle, ring - H&M, watch - Casio, random bracelets, tights - Zara, flats - Tory Burch

surprised that I wore this during winter? well, like I said earlier, that depends on how cold the weather is outside. winter in NYC is considered 'weird' by some cause it can be super freezing in certain times but it can be springy-like too as well.. if you are a person who think that 59-65F (14-18'C) during winter is pretty awesome then I guess you can dress like what I did in this picture with a touch of light blazer. =)

and, winter related outfit will reach its' final destination on the next post (finally...:D)... next one will be a combination of both outfit and some sort of makeup post..

till then, God bless! :)

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