Monday, June 18, 2012

The almost forgotten winter part 5

Hurray!!! :D final post of winter related outfit is here! okay, these pictures were taken during St. Patrick's day. noticed that I did a little bit of experiment with my face and of course the outfit as well! :)

P.S: pardon my non perfect skin condition. I believe I encountered some zits during St. Patrick's day.

I did my own make up so don't expect that it will be as great as magazine model or such.. :D since I have a very sensitive skin (another reason why I rarely put on make up onto my face) so I was just putting on some stuff that I really really need to celebrate St. Pattys :P

eye shadow - Covergirl, blush - Givenchy, mascara - Clinique, nail polish - Spoiled by wet n wild

I did not wear any gloss or lipstick during that day because I was so busy applying those makeup therefore I only put on some natural lip balm from Lancome. the nail polish was a very great bargain consider I got it at local CVS store for just $2ish...:D and also I rarely wear eye liner due to the fact that I already have big eyes.. :P (not that big though but yea...)

dress - Forever 21, head band - H&M, necklace - thrift store, tights - Zara, ring - Forever 21, sneakers - Keds (not shown)

anyway, this is the last post of winter related thingy! can I hear a 'yeayyyy' from all of you??? LOL...

till then, God bless! :)

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