Saturday, February 06, 2010

cheerful saturday

So I went to Mal Kelapa Gading this afternoon for lunch at Sushi Tei (yeah I supposedly had quick lunch but :P) with one of my past middle school friend..after lunch, had some shopping at PullnBear and I got this baby for 399.000 ($39) after few times discount and with my perfect size! yay!

since this is still new, i'm gonna use it on Chinese new year maybe i'm gonna pair it with my new Zara top and short denim pants..or perhaps wear it on my long weekend trip later on..the shoes are super comfy...:)

Mom bought this for me at Kamiseta..not gonna use it outdoor tho, just for my sleeping outfit..;)

and btw, this is what i called 'so over spending' every time i stepped into music/video store..:P

left to right: Footloose - Dirty Dancing - Pretty Woman (all soundtrack...back to the oldies!)

got this at Forever 21 yesterday..forgot to take the pic earlier..

and so this i ordered at lunch...jumbo Yakitori...sweet and tender chicken w/ spring onion grilled in teriyaki sauce or somethin..too bad i didn't capture another pic tho as i was too busy eating and all such...^_^


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