Monday, February 22, 2010

I need a break please!

Yes, this few days I had been both a student and a visual merchandiser. I was sooo freakin tired and I didn't understand why there's such a subject by the name of 'visual presentation'.. i'm telling you, fashion maybe glamorous and exciting but once you're into the world itself, your parents would be the first to hear you complain: 'I HATE FASHION SCHOOL!'.. no kidding ok!

meanwhile, I accompanied my mom yesterday to Plaza Indonesia to retrieve the hand bag she'd been drooling for months. for me, sounds bit cliche since she's a decent woman who could always get whatever she wants (yes, no lebay thingy here). i'm not saying that she's super rich but at least she could afford designer handbags even buying Hermes' Birkin if she wants to.. feels so great you know, such a blessing.

white top - Forever 21, gemstone necklace - Forever 21, short blazer - tailormade, belt - mom's vintage, grey skirt - GG5, snake skin legging - Zara, studded heels - Zara, Longchamp Le pliage limited edition handbag.

again, say no more, every time I enter Zara, at least I have to buy something. and I got: 2 tights in grey and brown colors; 1 sailor theme blazer (I dunno what to call those type of blazer, boyfriend blazer?? lol)..

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