Saturday, February 27, 2010

long weekend

from feb 25 - 28 supposed to be my ultimate long weekend trip to Macau..too bad tho, not every wish will come true as i still have plenty of things to be completed next week (yes i am talking about my future upcoming clothing line joint venture with my classmates) and i still did not understand! cursed you E****p***e!!! o_o

meanwhile, i went to (as usual) Kinokuniya bookstore at Grand Indonesia and bought things there.

The Oprah and People Style and Watch magazines

just for reference tho, grasp knowledge every single day...

wanna buy magazines in cheap price? just look and search inside their big basket that says '70% 0ff'...really-really cheap! I got my Condo Nest traveler and Art Jewelry magazines for just Rp 20.000 ($2) while that DVD&Blu-Ray review for only Rp 10.000 ($1)...mostly they're old issue in 2006, 2007 but I got my DVD one in 2009 :)...CHEAPO...

I don't really enjoy reading gossip magazine but I definitely need to buy this OK magazine as soon as I read the headline...DUH!


I hope this helps me when I'm doing my financial reports later..God please help me...:(

bought this super comfort long sleeve tee at Mu Ji

no need to say, I love ethnic handbag so I don't care if it's bloody cheap or bloody expensive. I got this from Mango (their very new arrival one) for Rp 999.000 ($99). lil bit expensive than usual but whatever! LOL

Marks & Spencer beauty supplies; left to right: Aloe Vera foam bath - Waterlily foam bath - Waterlily body lotion

Overall, pretty happy :)


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