Monday, March 15, 2010

March is killing me for real

Okay, March is seriously killing me for the rest of my life.. It has been the busiest month ever for me as a fashion biz student. I was extremely tired doing all reports and such, not to mention I have to be awake at least 1Am in the morning on the next 19 and 20 March just for the sake of launching my ultimate so-called brand! we have to do the booth, unload the goods and everything before the mall is open for public! oh yeah, who says that fashion is exciting! :P

here are the glimpse of my looks this month..pretty dull and boring, right? well duh!

long sleeved top - Zara, gemstone necklace - Forever 21, vintage belt - from Mom, grey skirt - GG5, black tights - Zara, ankle boots - Rotelli, handbag - Aldo

the flat is comfy, btw... I love it! ~ white turtle neck - unbranded belongs to Mom, colorful gem necklace - jalan Surabaya market, dark teal cutaway blazer - tailor made, short denim pants - Gaudi, black tights - Zara, sneakers - Pull and Bear, handbag - Aldo

love this it from the Catwalk Gading 5. too bad for the emblem in the middle one, it was gone somewhere and i lost it... it's their fault actually, bad construction! ugh

some food shot at Sate Khas Senayan - Soto Kudus and Chicken Satay (YUMMEH!)

okay this was all just plain me...tired and everything...I feel envy for those people who could steal some time for a short trip while we all know that works are beyond deadline..hmmph!


from my hunting 2 weeks ago at Kinokuniya GI: English language Holy Bible, Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat Pray and Love, Kuala Lumpur city map (yes I collect maps around the world!) and New York city guide from Pharson. [dum dum dum]

I believe this was me after I got back from Ben Hil area for digital print...see that lousy face of mine? yea right...~ tartan check top - black camisole - blue tights - Zara, grey skirt - from Korea, sneakers - Pull and Bear, necklace - the Catwalk, handbag - Aldo

GIMME FOOD....LOL...lunch at Sumibian
this sushi is nice and yummy! and quite pricey too..:P

seafood set consists of Salmon, Scallop, Squid, Tiger prawn and selected's quite expensive for 1 set but yeah let's say for just 1 time lunch then I think it's okay..;p

grilled Gindara - my favorite!!! it's sooo yummy and delicious!

a business minded woman who knows how to have some fun! lol ~ blouse - Zara, necklace - Forever 21, short denim pants - Gaudi, tights - Zara, flat boots - Episode [my cousin's shop], handbag - Guess



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