Saturday, May 15, 2010

Before and After [2]

Another chapter of 'After'...

sorry for bad resolution, well, you do know BB's quality rite? ;p

black n white stripes with big bow blouse - Topshop, magnetic necklace - from China, denim shorts - Zara, black rattan belt - mom's, tights - Marks&Spencer, earrings - Topshop, brown sandals - got them from Japan ;p

loved this necklace as I can create whole different looks just by playing and turning it around :)

a nice earring I got from Topshop with cool sale price. me likey!

got these 2 items and totally happy with them! denim legging from Marks&Spencer, leopard motif scarf from Mango :)

On the other hand...
black canvas kitten heels from Pedder Red...super duper in love!!! and comfy too!!!

from Mu Ji, was on sale and got it for like $13. I think I am addicted to that store! ;p

from MPhosis...too bad it's not on discounted price...oh well

and I love fragrances. that gold eau de parfum is from L'occitane (I forgot the name and too lazy to look onto the box) while the aromatic scents below are from Mu Ji.



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