Sunday, July 11, 2010

will be perfect for my birthday surprise

July is definitely the happiest month of all months in the year for me, mainly because my birthday is celebrated in this month and above all, exclude the FIFA hype stuff, summer begins in all parts of the world. Indo is, by far (and forever will be) have summer nearly all year long but too bad due to global warming, even weather forecast can't predict the exact temperature that'll happen the next day or even today...LOL

anyway..I always subscribe to retail stores' newsletter so when I got this 3 announcement from 'em, I was like 'AAARRRGGGHHH'...meaning, I want them so badly...for my birthday will be perfect ya?? ;)

never get a chance to have lace boots. Mom actually have one or two pairs from her youth back then but they were given to someone else cause the size doesn't fit her (even me) anymore :P... one of the collection is from Michael Kors..

moving on to the dress, floral print dresses and bold color definitely rocks summer...from DVF aka Diane von Furstenberg...I mean, who doesn't love her!?! I would save the entire salary or even yearly income just to purchase one or two of her 'genuine' dress. (sorry but no replica for me..I don't like wearing fake stuff..)

last but not least is the Bohemian style called 'The Bohemian Goes West'...need I say more? love the pairing and everything. I always love to dress a bit Bohemian even when I have to go to 'fancy' shopping malls like PI and GI.. I forgot who created this Bohemian look but I'd like to extend my applause to he/she/them who had created this affordable yet stylish look :)

ps: apparently the result of 2 year studying Fashion is not even enough for me..yeah, I am human and I make mistake :)

pictures were taken from Saks Fifth Avenue and Shopbop online newsletter.

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