Wednesday, September 29, 2010

hey hey hey

Hey all of ya

anyway, I haven't updated my blog in like a month. i know, it has been a month. you guys proly r wondering what have I been doing, rite? well, frankly, i did not do anything hard and stressful except that pretty much tension going on inside the house and it involved my family. mom asked me to help for 'a' while my dad asked another help for 'b' and since my maid was gone for 10 days so I had to make sure the house was clean and organized every single day. that's not an easy thing to do consider living in tropical area means: lots and lots of dust, mopping every day, doing dishes, cleaning bathroom etc etc - the things that are done by the domestic. yeah, I became the help for 10 days.. oh well, it was not unusual for me. I have spent most of my time abroad either living for several months or days without help so basically, this was just another daily routine + some extra things to be taken care. sadly, it also prevented me from getting online with laptop. by the time I finished the work, I did not have enough mood to type or to think..

okay, nuff bout some random chit chat, I just wanna share with you these lovely photos of Carey Mulligan. mostly are her photos at the premiere of Wall Street 2. look at her, so adorable right? you know, if someday Hollywood wanna make a film about Twiggy Lawson's life, then Carey is definitely the perfect actress to portray her. Carey is tall, fit, healthy skinny, blond and has those features that captivating enough. surely it is just my imagination but with lil bit of makeup and touches here and there, hmm, I don't see why she can't become her ;)

I particularly love her facial expression in this shot. quite naive yet stunningly beautiful and sophisticated. and the dress, uh-um, I'd love to have it and pairs with brown heels.

Copyright to FilmMagic from Getty Images ( for all the pics I used here.

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