Monday, November 08, 2010

among my souvenir............

ok, well, here are the stuffs that I got while I had my escapade last week to Singapore. ya, always shop till I drop. lol. relax, I did not use my credit card there (except paying hotel bills of course). all pure Singapore $ cash. that's the beauty of saving lots of cash while you were young [or in my case, after my 1st birthday]. you get to spend anything you like as soon as you're around my age :) --> feeling so old right now :P,

Got those two books at Kino Ngee Ann City with special price. I got two books for the price of $34ish. in Jakarta, I could only get one book with that price, not to mention the 'out of stock' reason yada yada. oh well, need to start reading again a.s.a.p :)

greetings from Sephora. LOL. anyway I spent nearly $300 at Sephora ION for 3 items: Lovely by SJP, Versace and Very Irresistible Givenchy perfumes. the cashier woman told me that I got free $40 voucher that could be used till the end of November. so, later on that night (night before Halloween), I went by MRT again to Orchard and this time I chose to spend my voucher at Ngee Ann City's branch. all products by Sephora. indeed blissfulness! :D (forgot to take the Sephora puff pic, i bought two!)

as for the Elizabeth Arden's STYLE perfume, I bought that 125ML at Changi Airport. quite a bargain consider the price was only $70ish. as far as I remember, that product has not reached Indonesian market (or is it??CMIIW) and with that goody price, there were absolutely no reason not to buy it :)

OK moving on to treats! yep, I shopped on Halloween's day (HAHA!) at Cocoa trees. MAN, both my parents and I were like crazy picking up all those chocolates and sweets. we were like maniac. trust me, those were just a few of samples. we bought lots just like we were moving out of country..LOL

Hmm.. regarding this one. Dad bought me this uber comfy flat from Calvin Klein at Takashimaya. they were having discounts with gifts so my mom and I decided to buy each one for us. the shoes is listed around $270, quite a bargain too. and there's only 2 pieces left for me and my mom's size. how fortunate we were :D

the gifts were amazing as well. passport holder, credit card wallet and key lock. since I already had those (minus the key lock), probably I'm gonna give those to my dad. lol.


That's it for now. have a great day, peeps! GBU!

PS: prayers goes out for the victims of Mentawai and Merapi. I already donated money with my parents through the locals fund raising and my church fund raising. my friend in Jogja also helps the refugee by giving them lots of extra care and foods. they used the money for buying things that are needed such as blankets, mattress, foods, drinks and health utilities. Let us pray for them and for Indonesia. God bless us everyone. Amen.


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