Wednesday, June 30, 2010

artistic or not?

went to Gading area last Saturday and to GI on Sunday..1st was to celebrate my friend's bday cause she treated us for lunch, got bunch of stuffs while on Sunday, hmm, don't see why I need to post tho..nothing fashion related..well only magazines ;p

left to right: Mary Poppins R3 DVD, Charice Pempengco's 'CHARICE' CD, Sex and the city 2 Soundtrack[i know SATC2 stinks but the soundtrack is hell great!]

thank you Kinokuniya PS...definitely made my day with all those discounted 15% books [except magazines]

from Zara: ankle length and long gray leggings...perfect for my fitness routine ;p

I'm no professional painter but I do paint during my spare time..:)

so happy to got these: Gloria Estefan Concert DVD and Mozart's Greatest Hits =)

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