Saturday, December 11, 2010

another addition

another addition. I am not a compulsive shopper, though. :D

black with white dots and flower patterned tights from Zara. God I love Zara tights. they're all so damn comfortable and flexible to all kinds of body type. can never get enough of 'em :P

premium baggy fit jeans, also from Zara. this is much more expensive than usual jeans sold by Zara and the TRF label, mainly because of the neat stitching and excellent fabric.

another love at first sight. wool skirt from GAP :)

I don't have much collection of khaki's color but this one definitely another love struck. LOL. from Topshop.

needless to say, I am 'picky' when it comes to buying flat shoes or high heels or wedges. I found it amazing that one of the new arrival from The Little Things She Needs fits my feet perfectly without any blisters. and with $20ish price, who could even resist? ^_^ mom also got one for her.

I believe this one resembles moccasins type shoes. it is black suede in terms of color and fabric. they have another sparky colors like light green, light brown, maroon red, etc but I never really fancy on those colors :P

another best bargain. $12 top at Kamiseta. I love this color. being able to purchase something I favored and like with good price is indeed something wonderful. :) 

anyway, have a great weekend, guys! GBU :)

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