Thursday, June 02, 2011

Back to Basic

mainly describes how tiring and dull I looked, day after I came back from SG. pictures really explain it somehow o_o so the best bet was to dress as basic as possible..hmmph.. not to mention I did gain 2 - 4 lbs after that trip.. gaaaaaawwwdddddd...

and yea, pardon for my chubby cheek.. I don't know why it exists :P

outfit = blazer - Stradivarius, shirt - Stradivarius, necklace - Forever 21, denim short - Cotton On, tights - Zara, shoes - Keds, bag - Steve Madden

as for the outfit below, hmm, I believe this was taken during my 'weirdo' week.. week when I was so gloomy, so sad, so out of the energy... so, I dressed pretty much as simple as possible..

hat - Unusual outlet Bandung, shirt - Zara, necklace - Forever 21, baggy jeans - Zara, heels - Pedder Red, bag - Steve Madden

and yeah, it is just matter of weeks... before... I... ??? :P

and ooohh..

HAPPY ASCENSION DAY!!! God bless us all =)

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