Saturday, June 18, 2011

forever red in suit

ok so as I have mentioned earlier, this will be my last post here in my hometown until hmm God knows when. I was in the mood for something red and something cute so I decided to wear this kind of outfit.. and oh well, I gained another 4lbs.. pretty sad actually but ya, life goes on.. :)

outfit = blazer - vintage, red tank - Stradivarius, necklace - Moselle, trouser - Stradivarius

and really in love with Moselle's necklace.. so cute!

and so we come to an end but to a beginning of me somewhere.. my plane departs 40 minutes after midnight. suitcases packed. haven't really manage the papers needed and also the files (clumsy! :P) so I must go now.. adios guys! thanks for all you viewers for viewing my silly yet complex site.. i will be posting a.s.a.p! bye for now! God bless us =)

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