Thursday, June 02, 2011

As giddy as a school girl and a tourist

and yeah, I don't have anything to do after morning service at church and short stop at local Japanese resto for a quick lunch so I blog a lot today. sounds boring to you? :D

little bit of tidbit about the checkered motif skirt, it has been inside the closet since I was in my middle school year or so.. lol probably grade 8 if I'm not mistaken.. kinda old right? but still rocks ;) and no no no, these pics were taken 2 or 3 weeks ago... :P

precisely, as giddy as a school girl indeed..

outfit = shirt - Stradivarius, necklace - Forever 21, skirt - vintage brand, tights - Zara, shoes - Keds, bag - Steve Madden

somewhere out there, I was dressed like a tourist wandering inside the mall...

outfit = tied shirt - ASOS, inner tank - Stradivarius, trouser - Zara, necklace - Forever 21, shoes - Little things she needs, bag - Steve Madden

my Zara gray trouser, one of my favorite! never get bored with it! ;)

so, how's your weekdays so far, people? bad? good? so so so? okay? bleh? :P mine was pretty much so so now, God knows how weird I have been this recent week..:( and J, without you, my life is nothing than an empty can...

I have been listening to Kenny G albums a lot recently.. and Royal Wedding album also.. I favor another instrumental now ;)

God bless you all..

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JudithNatalia said...

makin cantik aja sist!!