Saturday, April 23, 2011

from Bali p1

I was home since 2 weeks ago.. was lazy, exhausted, tired.. even to write something on the paper so.. pardon my late updates :P

at KUTA beach.. straw hat - Topshop, long dress - from outlet, necklace - flea market, scarf - Mango, gladiator sandals - Aldo, belt - vintage, bag - Longchamp LPLE

very early morning at Nusa Dua beach.. cloudy and the sun was very shy.. :( :( :(

kinda spectacular sunset view at Jimbaran beach. I was having my seafood dinner with bizarre wind :D

my room was located on the upper area section which has balcony so yeah, since it was lagoon style hotel, i got this kind of view...:) inside the plane with my straw hat already placed even before departing Soekarno Hatta Int'l airport Jkt :P :P :P

check out other pics in part 2 or p2 post later... let the pictures speak for themselves.. I LOVE BALI!!!

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