Sunday, April 24, 2011

being masculine after trip

after that exhausting yet amazing Bali trip I had, I was hibernating for around 2 or 3 days.. I did not really tan, just a couple of burn on my leg and arm which was kinda disgusting..LOL but good thing, its been past 2,5 weeks now so the burn sort of vanished :P

meanwhile, this was taken during my dull days.. haha .. nope, 2 days after Bali.. I was soo lazy in dressing up so... you know lah :D

outfit = blazer - Zara, white tank - Zara, harem trouser - Mango, specs - Miu Miu (its been a while since my last shot with my beloved Miu Miu reading glasses :P)

I probably should buy myself a tripod since it is so frustrating having to ask someone who does not really know how to use a camera :(

I just came back from church, splendid Sunday indeed! God bless ya ;)

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