Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday Friday

Hmm..this has been such a tiring least that's my 2 cents..oh well, just wanna share some news about myself..1) I don't think I'm gonna see that Symphony Concert, I dunno, I mean I have that 5Mil but it wouldn't be great if I only watch the show myself. I must bring at least my Mom or Dad to share but that is another do the's a one way ticket to NYC! so I wish that shit B**NA will add another class let's say for 2,5mil price so that my friend and I could go..PLEASE LORD, I WANNA SEE SB SO BADLY!!! 2) I am not gonna sit again and dine at Honeymoon Dessert..I don't get it..that Durian Pancakes and this 'I dunno how to call it' stinks! ah how I feel bad not listening to my parent's order..but I like mine though that tofu cake eventhough it's not as good as the one that was sold in Food Hall..

That's all for today =)

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