Saturday, February 28, 2009

HN - Je T'aime

Starting next month, March, I will be posting things that I absolutely LIKE...esp. inside the shopping mall that I always favor and adore...:) [explanation given below the pictures]

seen on 1st pic is Social House a.k.a SoHo at Harvey Nichols supposed to be. SoHo offers a new way of dining. it does look a bit stiff from the outside yet it has a casual ambience inside. it has huge selection of menus starting from salad, soup, steak even dessert that you must taste whenever you have the chance to visit this Hip place. their wine selection is quite impressive I must say. I tried a glass of red wine there (I forgot the detail) combine with the green salad that I ordered. actually I have to combine it with meats like lamb or veil but since I don't eat those things then yeah it's fine by me. their Chocolate cake is Superb! sorry no pictures for this thing, I ate there like during the first week of the soft opening and I forgot my digicam. lol.
on 2nd pic...ehem...I know other beauty stores such as Glow Beauty and Seibu have this product inside but somehow my heart always fell in love whenever I visit the beauty department at HN. I know the SA very very well and above all, she's very nice in answering all the questions and things that I ask her. I feel very sorry when their sales at HN was a little bit interrupted because of the government that put off their products at the customs! Damn them! anyway, curious about the pic? well, it's Molton Brown Heavenly favorite among all the stuff offered by Molton Brown. well, I know I still buy Body Shop and Marks Spencer for my bath stuff but Molton Brown had steal my heart ever since Glow decided to bring this brand to Indonesia. strange that first item of Molton Brown I bought for my Mom was at Glow yet suddenly HN won my heart. lol
That's all for today! GBU=)


Restaurant said...

how about the steak? is it really good?

Lia Xtila said...

I didn't try the steak cause I don't really eat meats.

Anonymous said...

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