Tuesday, February 17, 2009

another usual Sunday and purchase

Phew..after trying so many ways to post this pic...(dunno why..the connection was quite 'lemot')

LOL...hehe..starts from pic upper left (clockwise):

- Andrea Bocelli 'A Night in Tuscany' & 'Under the Desert sky' DVD
- Black Harem Pants - bought from a friend
- Tahu Special Jun Njan
- Ikan Nila Masak Kecap
- Kailan Saos Tiram
- Ayam Rebus

gotta tell you...foods at Jun Njan are SUPER DELICIOUS...too bad, kayaknya gastrow gw waktu Minggu kemaren agak gak bener2...mual2 sampe rumah...kacaulah pokoknya...overall is amazing lah..I dine at Grand Indo so that's why...FULL BOOKED!!! maybe it's better to dine at the original location - Batu Ceper :)
That's all for today!

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