Sunday, January 04, 2009

thank God for this treasure

this thing of beauty, hmm, describes me not just a person but also, an enthusiast for films :)

it's Video and DVD Guide 2003 volume. this baby, I bought with my own money for around Rp 80.000,- or somethin back in 2003 few months before my 14th birthday. it has everything I need as an independent film critic. I could track back into movies that were made in the 1920s, 1930s..even silent movies! yep...beautiful right?!!! oh fortunate I am to have really enrich my knowledge.

as you can see right there, the book had turned somewhat 'ugly' because of the age..oh well..:P


JudithNatalia said...

Senengnya...nemu dimana tuh Lia ?

Lia Xtila said...

di toko buku impor, kecil sih mbak...tmptny di STC Senayan klo gak slh namanya Rubino ato apalah..seingetku sih itu :)