Friday, July 11, 2008

final exam n project

Buh, yesterday was such a boring day. I attended accounting class and it turns out that myself was quite sleepy and unhealthy during the last minute of class. I was happy w/ lecturer but dunno why I felt as if I haven't enjoyed the true accounting since last monday when I went like crazy maniac doing those stuff for project and only slept for 2 hours! yep! 2 hours! DARN!!!

oh well,in matter of hours that shit PLN is going to terminate our electricity supply for about 7 hours! yaiks, I'm gonna die w/out electricity. I can't do my executive summary and production planning if that thing really happens for days..huh thank God that only 3 more subjects left. planning, phenomena and accounting..must study hard!! God, help ME!!!!

hmm..I want to go somewhere today after lunch. maybe to PI or PS or...argh dunno...!

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