Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Over sized

Why Over sized? LOL... I named the title "over sized" because it reflects how the clothes were when I wore them during my last vacation in my hometown. I lost a lot of weight when I was in NYC and when I came back home to Jakarta, dum dum dum, all my clothes are loosen up so much that I had to wear a belt every time I went somewhere. funny right?! however, it was a good thing consider walking is my exercise here in NYC where in Jakarta, that is something expensive you can not do freely. Even if I do that, I might as well have to carry pepper spray because crime rate in Jakarta is so high. Plus, you can not rely on public transportation. Like Los Angeles, private vehicle is the only way to go around. Especially if you are an upper class person :)

see that brown colored trouser I got from Bershka?! LOL is all I could type now :D

pardon for my lousy face in those pictures. I was not feeling very well. Not because of the jet lag but because of the weather. It was god-damn HOT. (:P)

stay tune for next post, fellas! God bless! :)

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