Friday, February 25, 2011

another chapter of weird soiree

another sober thing i always hated to attend is a simple party held by someone who has somewhat become our business partner for several years. in this case, my dad. no he did not held the soiree but one of the leader [i am not sure about his position, lets just call him that] held again another soiree but this time different location. food was much better than the last one and the crowds were bigger but sadly, they lacked space. hell, if dad insist on taking me to another soiree, i'd rather eat cup noodles at home and sit back on couch :P

there are total 8 dishes including desserts. and 2 performance of Lion dance :D

1st: fried seafood spring rolls, fried ebi, duck stir fry, octopus cooked in soy sauce...entree

second: egg asparagus soup

third: fried chicken cooked in sweet sauce. though i'd say it was quite salty :P

forth: fried fish in sweet soy sauce with bell peppers and cilantro.

fifth: fried prawn cooked in salty egg and favorite :D

sixth: fried tofu cooked in sweet sauce alongside with chinese mushroom and horienso

seventh: simple fried rice. worst dish of the night. never have I tasted fried rice so bland o_o

eighth: desserts. selection of 2 puddings. coconut pudding / almond pudding. tried both. yummy.

lion dance attraction from one of local's famous lion dance school in Chinatown area.

and look how dull or sleepy I was during the soiree. guess I wasn't too excited after all..

outfit: cardigan - MANGO, white top - X SML, skirt - GAP, tights - Zara, ankle boots - Rotelli, necklace - Forever 21

that's all for I am so easily exhausted nowadays..will resume blog post a.s.a.p :)

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