Monday, January 25, 2010

winter obsession

well, since this month is still about winter wonderland in northern countries, it's kinda cool to apply those 'chilly' styles in Jakarta. I know for some people it's weird dressing up with long sleeved clothes full with tights and all that but I did it merely because I feel comfortable in it. moreover, we're entering rainy season and the outfit kinda suits the mood and condition :)

pardon for the blurry pictures. I used my Blackberry and you know the condition...:p

grey turtleneck - Bossini, LBD - Mom's vintage, necklace - Forever 21, belt - Mom's vintage, tights - Zara, flat shoes - Rotelli, bag - Aldo

I was able to wear my flat boots that I bought just 2 days before new year. taken last week after my store research at Taman Anggrek.

long sleeve blouse - Zara, necklace - Forever 21, denim vest - Body and Soul, denim shorts - Gaudi, tights - Zara, boots - Aldo, bag - Aldo

well, the store research for my sales management project was quite successful. I went back home with this stuff inside the paper bag...all from Zara...4 items actually but since my Mom took the other stuff so items for around 820K something ($80). quite a bargain since most of the stuff they're offering was like Sale items and not really attractive for my eyes..

this is cute...:)

i don't know why i just love this long shirt. loose and messy. you can always turn it into something casual or something neat ;)

no matter how cheap another store offers me, nothing beat Zara's tights. I own at least 5 or 6 Zara tights and it still looking brand new and comfy as well! there's some stitches of course but it didn't look as bad as other competitor's tights (okay i am so using my fashion business language now! :P)

okay enough for now..have a nice day peeps..GBU!


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