Tuesday, January 12, 2010

dancing with skirt and shoes

Well, seems that my resolution went pretty good this whole week. i did some research for my business and i didn't buy single thing after i left. Good one! :)

anyway, i saw this beautiful high waist fitted skirt at Mango and decided to pass simply because it was so freaking long (below the knee, ok i know i'm short). i've talked with my tailor and i'm gonna make it my own cause she could alter the trimming and such according to my size. gonna have to be patient a bit cause she's still finishing my mother's blazers.

yes, i'm proud of my curves. it makes me much more confident..:)

another purchase: Pintu Terlarang dvd (aka The Forbidden Door)...a must see Indonesian movie!

all time favorite: ABBA in Japan dvd.

yes, i grew up hearing the tunes from Paula Abdul, Culture Club, Debbie Gibson, etc. no wonder by the time i saw this compilation CDs, i just grabbed and paid :)

okay, late info, got this couple of days before new year. my dad allowed me to use my credit card despite the fact that previous month's balance kinda sucked a bit...the boots that i'd keep on talking and talking and talking over...

this one? nope, just my new working out shoes from Reebok. i just love the color combination!

well, i think i'm off now...have a nice day people!!! :)


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