Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year 2010 and Resolutions

Happy New Year People!!! Well, what do you think in this whole new year, hmm? is it going to be better or worse than 2009? for me, hmm,I believe that God will give his abundant blessing for me and prepare me with the unexpected surprises..ah how I love Him even more..

anyway, 2009 was a good year for me (unlike any other people out there, so sorry guys...) because:

1. I saw Sarah Brightman LIVE IN CONCERT for the 1st time ever!!! what a splendid way to start the year! I was absolutely SHOCKED and SURPRISED yes by the time I read the announcement on MySpace. it was as if God knew that I've waited so long to see her..and the surprises still came..I got GOLD CLASS! Imagine...after my desperation of just getting Silver Class, God surprised me with that! I mean WOW... $500/person ticket but for me just $250...

2. I went to Hong Kong and China a week after the show together with my classmates and lecturers! 5 Days to be exact. Oh my, the best experience ever! It's merely about Buying Trip for buyers (yes we are all Junior Buyers) but I gained a lot of knowledge from it. it's very important if someday I want to be serious in Fashion Retail.

3. I passed all subjects (all year 3 semester) not to mention I got some with EXCELLENT results! YAY!

4. I saw Air Supply concert with my Bali friend (again at Gran Melia) in PLATINUM class! with seats that are closed to the stage, I captured lots of pictures and super moments from the Australian Duo. and best of all, Dad paid those tickets for me! another YAY! (I haven't added that thing in the blog, perhaps someday though, if I remember ^_^)

5. I got two crucial things for my life: Blackberry and HP ~ what I meant by HP is Hewlett Packard new DV3 Notebook to replace my old one which I'm still using now for home only due to hmm many viruses caused but oh well... as for Blackberry, well I actually joked about that with my father but he insisted on buying me one since he always see me in the move doing all those college stuff and works and that...

6. this is actually not really something to be proud of maybe for you guys out there but I got most of my favorite things IN LIMITED or COLLECTORS EDITION... I'm not gonna tell you more and I think I'm gonna keep in secret. However, if you pay attention to my posts, well you will know what I meant with those 'secret'..

as for the rest...hmm...well pretty good...

romance you ask? well, facing the on and off (off mostly) but that's really not a top on my list. sorry for my someone special, it's not that I'm neglecting you for a while, I want to focus my goals first..hope you understand..:)


1. SAVE MORE MONEY THAN LAST YEAR... I know that when it comes to SAVING, it's always tough decision due to sooo many temptation that circle our life. However, I just practiced this yesterday and I just added another US$50 into my account...YAY! (since I'm having an income plus bonuses so I guess saving money is a MUST!)

quoted from the movie "Confession of a Shopaholic"... this magic words will never ring your head if you still think yourself or even stated yourself as a Shopaholic. even if you just buy couple stuffs BUT words are words, they tend to come true but you never realize them..think the magic words everywhere: malls, coffee shop, book store, music store, dvd store, supermarket, etc

3. time to: MIX and MATCH!... as stated by so many Fashion House around the globe and on Fashion books everywhere sold: Fashion is CIRCULAR. meaning that fashion will keep on turning and turning and turning. look into your closet, have you spent at least 3 pairs of clothing in just 2 weeks? if you have, well, I guess it's time for you to stop spending for a while and re-create new look by mix and match with your old clothes. if possible, borrow your mother or sister or sibling's clothes. make sure that you ask them first though. lol. don't be afraid or embarrassed that it will go out of style. trust me, more vintage equals to classic and style! learn how to mix and match new clothes and old clothes from many Fashion bloggers around the globe.
I will practice this again in 2010 (back in '09 was quite a success)

4. DONATE MONEY TO THE ONE IN NEEDS. yes, we young adults must remember that there are still plenty of people who live below the poverty line. so, I have made a very wise and wicked decision that quarterly (every 4 months) I will donate 10-20% of my monthly income to the people in needs. if possible, I will also donate foods and used clothing for them.

5. GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE! (definitely!)

6. TRAVEL ABROAD AND HOLYLAND PILGRIMAGE TRIP! ~ I know this sounds ridiculous especially when it comes to the budget (one Holyland trip may costs you $1900-2300) but I believe that if we really concern about our goals and keep on maintaining the things needed to make it come true then LET IT BE DONE...moreover if you have faith in God and BELIEVE! as for the Travel Abroad, well, Hong Kong and Holland will definitely in my list for this year. haven't confirm about Germany but will do soon. Japan is official because Dad is paying for the Family vacation. for that travel abroad experience, I will be experiencing them with my Mom and we will do some sort of Backpackers thing combine with little luxurious ambiance. Hmm gotta be interesting!!

Well...okay I think I'd written down much bout my resolutions...time to sleep now...bye everyone. God bless :)

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