Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the update: Sarah Brightman concert + some stuff

As I'd promise...

Sarah Brightman Symphony World Tour in Jakarta - yes, it is an intimate and theater staging concert, ladies and gentlemen, so don't expect any 'frivolity' or any what they called 'holographic thing'.. just enjoy her pure Angel voice! overall I was excited and happy with her concert. I don't really care bout the holographic thing, as long as I could hear her sing then I'm quite happy. too bad the ticket price went up like hell..oh well..I'm still fortunate be able to got GOLD because of the special offer by BCA (my friend has it so yeah)...dunno if I get SILVER, probably I'm not gonna be able to take any single picture..
RECENT PURCHASES... Gaudi Denim Shorts and Atmosphere Black Blazer... for me to wear in HK and China :)

CULINARY @ MKG 5...Eat and Eat...Ice Jelly Medan and Nasi Gudeg....yummy!!!

PS: I will be going abroad till March 22nd so..yeah..adios everyone!!! =)

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