Saturday, March 28, 2009

Buying Trip HK & China - Part I

A Journey Home…
Well, why did I ever call it ‘a journey home’?
I have no idea… I don’t even have an answer for that.
Okay, I think I will stop this hallucination now…
Back to reality

As I’d said a week ago, yes, I went abroad with Lasalle students majoring in Fashion Business to Hong Kong and China. It’s a wonderful and exciting trip for me. This, however, wasn’t the first time I flew solo without my parents. I can’t remember when the last time I flew solo but oh well…

Day 1

We departed at 6.30 AM Jakarta time -> Soekarno – Hatta International Airport to Hong Kong International Airport. We arrived at around 12.10 PM Hong Kong time and we headed our way straight to the immigration. This wasn’t the first time I went to HK. 3 years ago I went to HK and I noticed there weren’t massive changes which I saw now. I’m not talking about the airport once again (the airport is already perfect on its ownJ) but the free way that took me and my friends out of the airport. Still the same except that they’re building many-many bridges and interchanges.
Our first pit-stop (oh my, how Amazing Race really influenced me^^) is Jewelry Factory located in Kowloon. I’m not quite sure why they decided to put this thing inside our schedule. It’s not that I don’t like to see jewelries and stuff but I don’t think it’s really that necessary. Easily predicted, everybody wasn’t really that interested and left at just 5 – 10 min time. Poor factory: P
Second pit-stop…ehm…shopping time!!! Yeah the bus took us to Mong Kok which was internationally known for its shopping district. Located near that area is Ladies Market. You definitely will forget how time flies as soon as you step your foot onto this section. So much cheap and cute stuff available here so make sure you know your budget and your time. My personal favorite inside the Ladies Market area is definitely the one which sells unique souvenirs for the tourist. I must admit previously I was such a lame in bargaining but after I tried my own luck at Ladies Market, hmm, bye-bye loser! I am ready to become a successful shopper. And of course, a buyer! Anyway, yeah I also love the area that surrounded Mong Kok esp. Nathan Road. That street is definitely a haven for shopaholic who wants to look fashionable without having to splurge too many bucks. I got my own 2 pairs of shoes from COTTON ON for just HK$99! And another thing, thank God for SEPHORA! Yup, if you feel that beauty store in Indonesia didn’t provide enough selection of your choices or perhaps you doubted the originality of beauty products offered at various department stores in Indonesia, then SEPHORA is the place for you to go! I’m not saying that beauty stores in Jakarta are bad. I just don’t believe them anymore, esp. after the incident of fake perfume founded at 1 big department store in Jakarta. Now you definitely know whom you can trust. Okay, back to Mong Kok topic, well I guarantee every one of you will indeed spend at least HK$10 for a cute souvenir hat!
We finished our shop-shop thing at around 6.30 PM and went straight to Golden Elephant Thai Restaurant for dinner. I didn’t really like the food at this place, I just don’t.
After dinner, we headed our way to the hotel -> City Garden Hotel. A 4 star hotel located in Hong Kong Island with its MTR station called Fortress Hill Station. Our hotel wasn’t as big as The Excelsior (I stayed here when I visited HK back then) or Mandarin Oriental but at least the ambience and the surrounding is amazing. City Garden Hotel is located in North Point area, around 1 or 2 KM from Causeway Bay. One thing I love from the location of this hotel is that 7 Eleven is right next beside the hotel and the fact that the neighborhood is quiet and sophisticated. You wouldn’t find this situation if you stay near Causeway Bay due to its shopping and entertainment area. After all, if you need to go to Causeway Bay anyhow, just walk at least 2 blocks from the hotel and take MTR at Fortress Hill Station for HK$ 4.50. As simple as that.
To be continue...Pictures will be added later...:)

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