Saturday, March 14, 2009

End of Feb - Early Mar

Well...the update related to Sarah Brightman concert in Jakarta will be added real soon..just be patience..hehe :)
Btw..I'm adding pic of my recent purchase...I guess I haven't really shopped much though, prob. because some of the money I have had been transfered into my bank account..for saving, incase I need
A: Fried Shrimp Meatball @ Dinemax
B: Suki @ Dinemax
C: Fettucine Mushroom @ Pancious
D: *dunno the name* @ Pancious -> Mom
E: The Sound of Music R1 DVD, Mamma Mia BD & 2001: A Space Odyssey BD
F: Molton Brown E Tokoyuzu & Heavenly Gingerlily.. my favorite ;)
That's all for today =)

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