Tuesday, August 16, 2011

when I am stuck in the heat and few outfits, I...

try to dress up as comfy as possible.. yeah.. :P (could not stand the 105-106 heat even 95-100F was such a nightmare to me.. I tanned in the weirdest possible way.. oh well..:( )

hat - H&M, top - Zara, necklace - Forever 21, skinny jeans - GAP, belt - vintage, riva flats - Tory Burch

and pardon for my lousy faces and blurry pictures, things had not been working very well with me lately.. and the heat plus moving too.. darn!

ps: did I mention moving? oh ya.. I am moving soon to Manhattan.. :)

and I still have to complete my business and fashion paper project! AAARRRFFFGGGHH!!!

lol.. God bless :)

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