Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fall or Autumn or Whatever it is called.. I cannot wait for you..

yes.. I cannot wait till Fall/Autumn season arrives.. so many layers..super yayness!! :)

and by the way, pictures below were taken before I moved to Manhattan so, I kinda miss Astoria..:( and ya I am in Manhattan now..

it was raining crazily last week so I wore my boots and tights all the time.. ya know, to prevent something unwanted happen..:P

outfit: hat - H&M, outer wear - X S M L, shirt - Stradivarius, denim short - Zara, tights - Zara, boots - Aldo, backpack - Urban Outfitters

so I guess everybody loves my hat so much that I got so many feedbacks and praises when I was walking down the street.. lol

and.. surprisingly, I went to bed like at 1 or 2 Am everyday since I moved to Manhattan here.. good things? NO...:(
I need my beauty sleep!

anyway, have a nice weekend, peeps! God bless you all :)

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